Saturday, September 2, 2017

August started off with a fun week's adventure at camp!!

We started planning stake girls camp several
months ago! It's has been a huge and
wonderful undertaking!
And it was more amazing than we
had hoped and prayed for! Whew!

And the credit seriously totally goes to our amazing and 
very inspired camp director, Carrie, her camp assistants, 
  their camp committees!! And also to all the many many 
helpers who came up to help. But also to all the 
young women for coming with their hearts wide open 
to experience the fun and spiritual time that it was!
The stake left
with all the girls and
leaders early on
a Monday morning
after we fed them
breakfast and had a morning
devotional at the stake center!

With my counselor, Britt, and secretary, Kodi!

Karis, my other counselor had her baby
just days before camp, so we were excited
for her but missing her too!

The theme for the youth this year is
"Ask of God in Faith , James 1:5-6"

We challenged the girls and leaders for the
previous 7 weeks before camp
to prepare for this spiritual and fun camp
experience by doing weekly challenges
to help them practice asking in prayer for the
questions that have in their hearts. We gave them
a book/journal with the weekly summer challenge
in it...conference talks and scriptures on faith
and receiving answers to our prayers.
There was a journal in the booklet to write
down the weekly thoughts they were having.

This challenge took off, and even the stake
presidency decided to jump on board and do it
with all the stake girls!

The camp was even that more amazing for the
girls and leaders because of the preparation
they had taken to be thinking of the theme "ASK"
for the several weeks before.

Every ward had a meme out in front of their cabin.
This was our stake meme in front of our cabin.
The memes were so fun to see!!

This is my friend, Marci, who was our
photographer for the week out at camp.
She almost couldn't come, since she just got a
new calling as stake relief society president.
We were SO happy she still wanted to
come out and play and work hard with us all
even though her schedule just doubled
her time for her with her new calling, along
with her daily job.

SO many people sacrificed to be out at camp!
All the priesthood that came out, took days off
from work, to come out and be with us.
There aren't even words to describe our gratitute
 for the sacrifices made by so many people
to be there and help with such an amazing experience. 

At 10pm each night, we would meet for a quick 30 minute
'Return and Report' with the ward young women
presidents, the medical staff, the food committee, and
the camp leaders, along with our stake young women
presidency. We would just touch base on how the day
went and if there were updates or concerns
we needed to be aware of. We also reported
on what neat experiences anyone had to share
from the day from in their ward, or assigned area.

Me and Marci putting
our 'game' faces on
getting ready to do the
 course out there!

Love these ladies so much!!


This is me, Kodi
was taking pictures of me
so I could show
my family my first ever
I was mostly just
trying to not fall,
haha! It was so cool seriously!


The landing was in a pretty spot by a grove
of trees

I LOVE this fun
group of girls and leaders
in our stake!!!

Youth Camp Leaders!! They were so FUN!!

Our Stake President came up to do Family Home Evening
with us, and he taught us about faith and hope!!

One night, one of the wards was having a fun
dance party outside together!! This was sooo cool!!

One ward did these neat tie-dye bags

One night we scared one of the ward Bishop's with a fake
snake that looked very real sitting outside his tent
ready to stike one early morning as he stepped out!!
This is Celeste posing with the snake, haha!
Another night, we sent the 4th years on a hike/camp out
over night, and it totally rained on them so bad!

I love these pics of them on their trek!

Gathering for our evening flag ceremony one night, and
spiritual devotional.

I spoke to the stake a few times, and just couldn't help
but to feel so much love for them all, it was overwhelming
to feel it! They are a part of my heart for sure!

Check out our crazy fun food committee gals!

They worked and played so hard!!

This was one afternoon doing a scripture scavenger hunt

Britt teaching the girls about self worth and focusing on
how God feels about us as His daughters, not to focus on
how the 'world' portrays women!

Random moments with these amazing ladies!

Love the youth leading us!

So beautiful each day up in Heber camp!

Celeste, one of our stake camp leaders
getting set up for the next activity one afternoon!

Lining up for dinner one evening

Our amazing stake camp director, Carrie!!

With Kodi and one of our stake camp leaders, Julia.
My presidency shared a cabin with our stake
camp director and camp assistants, and we had
so much fun and worked so hard with these
wonderful ladies all week!

Brother and sister Knight came up one of the nights
 to make us a special BBQ dinner!!
They are awesome, we love them!!

My friend, Becky, was amazing to be
there the full week working on the food committee!

Love these cute cabins

Our YCL's are so much fun!
The week was full of a activities
inter-mixed with spiritual activities.
On this particular night, we had a super crazy
fun lip-sync night! Each ward had only
a few hours to prepare to entertain the stake
with a Disney song that that we chose for them
that they would lip-sync to..and also a bag full
of random things to incorporate into the show!
AND...the food committee had a table with tons
of TREATS for everyone to watch the show!!
Julia, all ready for the
show to start!

Ohhh ya, we are ready to perform!

The food committee performing to "You're Welcome" from
Moana, they did such a great job!

We had 7 wards up there. This ward had the
most young women, they are our largest ward.
I can't even remember what song
they performed, but the random props were so funny!!
This is only half of them, I should have taken
the full group shot, so funny!

This is the priesthood starting their lip-sync,
they were singing to

"I'll Make A Man Out Of You" from
Mulan Disney movie. There were about 15
priesthood leaders, we were laughing so hard!
They were awesome!

Here's another ward with their lyp-sync skit!
We had to move in under the pavilion since
the rain shower came!
The pavilion provided awesome
acoustics for the music!

Another ward! So cute!

The Medical Committee did a rap for us!

I didn't get pictures of everyone, because I
was cheering them on! But everyone
wanted to participate and it was epic!
Kayli Wood was in charge of our medical committee
and it was such a blast to have her up there with me!
Jay and I love that she and Taylor live in our neighborhood
 and ward!They are a great couple, and we love that
 they are our family too!
This ward was awesome, they performed "Under The Sea"
from The Little Mermaid!

Our turn, as stake leaders, to perform our lip-sync for
the group! We did "A Friend Like Me" from Aladdin,
and we also followed the rules and only had
a couple of hours to put it together!!
It was one of our very most fun things we did up at
camp together for sure!! We laughed and laughed!

So, I am Aladdin! Our stake camp director is Genie!!
And we used all the crazy props
we found in our bag too! haha!


A ward posing for a fun pic one evening.

Up in Heber camp, it is run by the couple-missionaries.
They do a skit to teach us about the BOM people, and
about some of the Bible women.

This was from the 'Faith Walk'
one afternoon, it was powerful!

 A few of the meme's
from some of the wards
in front of their cabins

The wards also had different tables
set up around their cabins out in front
to help the girls be thinking of the
camp theme and of also doing
'secret sister' notes, etc.

Some of the leaders from one of the wards

Leaders having marshmallow wars 
with their young women!

Our service project was a success!!
It was inspired by Kodi, our stake yw secretary, when
she heard about a
 woman from Utah County who lost a
twin baby at birth and has turned her sadness into
hope for thousands of mothers who have experienced
the same painful situation. The lady started a movement called
'Teeny Tears'. She says, "The women say the
diapers are not only helping grieving mothers
but it's changed their life and helped them deal
with such a difficult loss". We wanted to help by
volunteering to help her organization and so we 

checked out the information on

Britt, my counselor, taught the young women about the reason 
behind the Teeny Tears project.
We had bought some fabric, but we also had 
some women from our stake who donated fabric too. 

Up at girls camp, the girls traced the fabric and cut it out, 
creating tiny blankets and diapers, to be sent 
back to the Teeny Tears organization for the sewing.

There were a total of  179 blankets and 480 diapers made!!


One of my presidencies favorite
things to do up at camp
each day was go around to all
the stake leaders, ward leaders, and
priesthood help
and surprise them with

One particular day, we found two of our
priesthood helpers taking a quick nap between
activities...we put their treats on their tummies to
wake up to!! 

This is Abby, she is amazing! She is one of our
special needs gals that was up with us all week!
She was showing me her bubbles that she got
 that particular day from her ward helper that spent the
week with her up at camp.

Our craft project was fun for the girls!
Even a couple of priesthood leaders helped too,
making some for a couple of girls in their ward
that had to go home sick!!
They are magnet boards, with the camp theme on them.

This is a spontaneous moment when I walked
through the medical room and found these cute
ladies on a brief, and very needed, break playing
a game together!! I love the relationships that
were formed among girls and leaders during that week!

Some of the YCL's one day leading the rest of the
stake young women in a spiritual devotional.

We had a couple of hours one day at the lake!!

We arrived in our cabin one afternoon for a quick
 minute between activities and found a surprise
treat there on the table for us! So sweet!!

Some of the YCL's leading out in the camp singing time!

Our stake patriarch was our guest speaker for us
our last evening up at camp. He was amazing!
He taught the group about what faith really is, and
the levels of faith. He taught about the importance to
act when we receive promptings and answers to our
prayers. He is such a wonderful leader!

President Reeves, a member of the stake presidency,
 camp up to be with us one evening also
and spoke to our stake young women about
the importance faith in our lives and our relationship
with Christ.

Squishing all together for a group picture our final night
together up at camp.

Ward bishops came up to spend testimony meeting
with the girls in their wards. Such a great evening!
This is one of the wards gathering.

I love this picture, it was from testimony night, in
one of the other wards that I was walking past.
I attended my own ward for testimony meeting and
also dutch oven treats.

Kodi and I went around one afternoon
to check in and say "Hi" to different
wards that were out and about spending ward time
in their individual camp sites. 

Leaders helping out all the time throughout the week! :)

They girls and leaders all inspired us with their
love and service to one another up at camp all week!

Heber Valley was so beautiful and amazing!  
The spirit worked through so many and 
Heavenly Father's love was felt so strong! 

We needed every single one to make the week so special!!

What a beautiful sacred place that is up there! 
What a blessing to have been with such an amazing 
group experiencing such a wonderful & strengthening 
time together!! We love that our faith was 
strengthened, our testimonies deepened, 
and unity was a result as the fun and spirit 
continued throughout the full week!
When the week was over, we loaded the buses for home,
bitter-sweet feelings for sure, xoxo!!

Kodi and I rode back together and we spontaneously
stopped on the way out to take a quick picture together!

I seriously feel that this calling, especially at this
time in my life, is such an amazing gift and blessing for me!
I do not have the words for how grateful I am for the
happiness, peace, friendship, joy, miracles, and
many other blessings that my 

family and I have received from just
these past 6 months of serving in this calling.
It feels like it's a very literal mini mission !
And I am more than grateful for it!

Now that camp is over, we are on to the next thing...
busy busy busy, but so so good too!