Monday, August 14, 2017

The rest of July !

Jayme got more jelly fish!
They are super relaxing to watch
and so much fun too!

Loving jaymes room!

The Sunday before my birthday, we had a fun
early birthday party with family!
We watched a bunch of shark week too!

Jay is the best! He is my best friend,
my sweetheart, and loves getting together
with my family! I couldn't be luckier!!
He called everyone and invited them over so
we could have a big bash!
Shaun and Brooklyn

Kolbs with Jay's hulk-cup

With my Macy-girl, love her!

Icecream and cake!

Shaun and Kim, Curt and Sydna, Jay and me, Barbara and Mike

This is what I found down stairs on my
birthday morning! The kids and Jay spoiled me!

Jayme made my favorite kind of birthday cake, yum!

The decorations were so cute

We used these balloons for Jays birthday and
decided to keep them to decorate for mine ..and
for Kassidy's birthday too!! haha

I am weird and always like turning older! 
I love life! And I love experiencing the years, 
learning, and growing with my family!
So, I loved to be turning 44 years wise!
My work friends threw me a fun lunch party
on my birthday! Rice Crispies are my favorite !!

And Jay sent flowers to my work that day too!!
I told the flower delivery guy that he has the best job
there is...I would love to deliver flowers to people!
He agreed that he loves his job and it's pretty awesome.

Jay made me laugh when I pulled up and got out of
the truck from work. He was standing there waiting
for me to take my picture! He's so much fun!!

and inside my house was my 1st counselor, Britt, who was
there to surprise me with a birthday cake that she
made for me too!! She was there with her hubby
and was laughing since the whip cream kept
melting off the warm cake! 

Jay taking pics before taking our family
to dinner that evening

I kept teasing that I couldn't wait to open my presents
from Jay and the kids!!

Dinner was a blast, my extended family joined
us over at Red Lobster!

Kolby doing a silly face

Brian and Sharla

Kass with her silly face

Jay and my turn!! haha

Curt and Sydna with Kevin and his girlfriend

Big table for a crazy fun night

Red Lobster is one of my favorite restaurants!
This crazy lobster was so fun to snap photos with.
Our server told me the
lobster's name was "Linda", haha!

Linda was getting a bit heavy and I started
noticing that her lobster water was draining off
of her onto our table and close to our food!! eww! 

Jay was quick to pull our dessert plate out from
under the draining lobster water dripping off of "linda"

This is Sydney with Kass. Sydney is Kolby's
girlfriend and we were so happy to meet her!!

Trey getting tired, he had worked all day long
outside landscaping and was exhausted by
the end of the long night.

My hubby with Shaun, Brian, and Curt

Kass figured out that I am exactly double her age!

Back at home, Jay and the kids had me
open presents, they got me everything
I had mentioned that I was wanting and needing.

It was just PERFECT!!! I was so happy!
I love my cute hubby and kiddos!

I was overcome with joy with how much partying
we had done in one full week to bring me into
the year of an old 44 years wise woman!!

Blessed for sure with this little most amazing group of mine!
I think I'll keep them around for eternity!

We went to a movie
for my birthday...the day AFTER my birthday !!
Haha, we weren't ready to quit partying!
Another fun JULY thing, was going to watch
my nephew play Simba in the play in Utah County.
Jayme got to go represent us there. I was stuck at work! 

Here's cute Kass, her birthday is only a couple
of days after mine. She was so cute to celebrate with!

THIS happened too in July!
This is my 1st counselor, secretary, camp director, and her
assistants with me, taking our picture to get ready
for stake girls camp!
We have been planning the details of this camp
for months!! Can't WAIT!!! It's gonna be epic! 

Getting our gift ready to take out to camp
to give out!
This was also a fun night in July for
Jayme and her best friend, Taylor!
Lehi Rodeo!

This was a cute pic of Charlie sitting by the window
waiting for any action to look at out front.

July was over so fast!
It was full of so many memories!
Glad we have cameras to keep some of the fun
moment's preserved forever.