Saturday, June 2, 2018

February 2018

By February we were getting
so so much closer to
finishing our basement!
On this particular night, it
was painting!
Jayme's friend, Taylor, came
and helped out.

We were covered in paint dust, haha!
This basement has been a good and
fun project...and challenging for sure!
We are LOVING how it is coming together!

One day, I went with Trey over to Utah Lake
to take some pictures and videos,
it was such a beautiful day!

I love watching Trey do his flips and put his videos
together with the pictures he takes. He is so talented!

There was a boat out on the lake, a  small fishing boat,
it was so quiet, and so relaxing to watch from shore.

This is Jay and Kory (our next door neighbor friend)
showing off their Sunday socks to me, as we took
Kory on a tour of our  basement we are working on! 

I serve in the stake young women's presidency, and
for each of our birthdays we made a tradition to come and
get lunch and a treat at this yummy bakery close
to my work building. We always have loved doing this!

Jay and I went to a couple of basket ball game over in Provo
to watch BYU. This was such a FUN game!!

Here's a spontaneous picture on late afternoon with
a few of our stake youth council kids, we were shopping
for the multi-stake valentines dance treats for that evening!

We got there while the decorating was being done by another
stake and so we took advantage of the picture booth on our way
out, haha! These girls ran home to get ready for the dance!

Trey went with his best friend to ask this cute girl
 to PROM ! They had so much fun asking their dates!

We hare super busy getting ready for stake Trek!
We are doing a Book Of Mormon trek and this particular
night was our 'kick-off' over at the stake center with all of the
youth and their 'goodly parents' (ma's and pa's), it was a fun night!

Here's our Lehi and Sariah speaking at the pulpit

And.....Trey was answered for PROM by his date!

This was Valentines Day at my work!
We had a yummy lunch together that day.

And, the Judge's son brought all of us clerks a flower!

Then I came home to very sweet valentines waiting
for me from Jay! He was so sick on that day,
and so we stayed home and totally rested him,
while watching a relaxing movie!

I brought him home gifts too...these are the balloon's
he got that night, poor hubby

We made cookies and had fun with the kids
One of his gifts from me, haha, I love the hulk too!

Jay is still serving in the young men's presidency and he loves it. On another weekend in February, Jay and Trey's
young men's group went camping to this cool place!!
They always have such a good time together!

And they always build amazing huge FIRES
out camping! This is a video Trey showed me
of the fire they did out there that trip.

This is Charlie. We all love Charlie. He is the most
easy going life-form. He thinks he is a dog. He acts
like a dog a lot of the time. But, he does relax super wierd,
as shown in this picture! haha!
He doesn't ever meow. And he is such a good-natured kitty.

Trey turned 16 years old in February!
It was a BIG deal, we loved celebrating him!

We all woke up early and had Trey open his presents
and blow out his "cake" candles before we all headed out
the door to school and work for the day.

Trey doesn't like cake or ice cream, but he loves donuts
so this was a perfect cake for him this year, and a
great breakfast option that morning too!! 

We love Trey so much! He is a good kid and is
smart, talented, a good example to his friends, and
 to us family members also. He is loyal, and kind to
everyone. We love him and are so excited to celebrate
his big day!

The birthday party started in the evening with friends
stopping over for food and games

And then the next night we celebrated Trey's
birthday dinner. We always take out the birthday boy
or girl to their restaurant of choice. Trey chose
Red Lobster!

And...another early Saturday morning working on the
basement. This day was Flooring!

Here's a pic of one of my ortho appointments
with my brother. He is an excellent Orthodontist,
and I love that he is straightening my teeth for me!
This is my second time in braces. I should have worn
my retainer after I had braces the first time as a
teenager. But, This time around, I get to have
my brother be my orthodontist, so it's pretty cool!

This happened in February also...a get-together with
our family on Jay's side...this is the 'Wood' side
of the family!

Here we are with Jay's sister's family, and also Uncle Cliff

Another fun celebration that month was cute Emery's
1-year-old birthday over at Kyle and Carrie's home

And after we left from celebrating cute Emery...
we went a bought Trey a suit to wear to PROM...
so exciting!!