Friday, September 23, 2016

July fun......California trip Part 2

We have been wanting to get back to SeaWorld.
 Especially wanting to this summer since
they are taking the whales out.
We were not disappointed, it was a great day!

This place was bigger than I remembered.
We definitely got our exercise!

The Shark aquarium was really cool

Love love love this kid!!

The dolphin show !

We liked seeing the trainers in the water with the animals
This whale was so cool,
and splashed the crowd a lot!

This dolphin show was amazing!

Killer Whales

Getting ready to splash us
The shows were all fun and creative

I couldn't get over the so beautiful!!

Jayme had so much fun
bringing out her video camera
for the entire trip! We love all
the memories she captured!
Love that beautiful girl!!

The shows were so awesome!!

Feeding the stingrays

We skipped some of the rides since we
wanted to make sure to see the shows.
But, there's Trey and Jayme on this one!

Jayme picked out
an Oyster and when they 

opened it up, it had such 
a gorgeous pearl inside!
She had it made into
a pretty necklace.

This was an amazing week for us to
just play together and play with the kids!!

Back in Nevada for Sunday! 
Monday we were
back in Southern Utah
to join up with family
for the holiday!
We stopped in St. George
 for lunch at a yummy
pizza place.

In Cedar playing games with the nieces and nephews
Visiting with my
sister in law, Donna.
My nephew, Kolby, behind us)

With Grandma Graf!

Dad and Shaun visiting

Kimmi took a lot of video of mom and dad on this trip.
We will LOVE these videos in the future years!!!

Jay and I with Donna and Ryan

Donna, me, and Kim
Niece, Shay, jumped in with us!

Love our time visiting with Dad 
Shaun and Kim, Shay, Glen, and Sheri

Excited to light those fireworks!
Kim and Sher
Playing Werewolf!

Everybody accusing somebody else for Werewolf!! haha !!

Mom was laughing watching
us all play werewolf.
Dad said after that weekend, "I love that our
family always has so much fun together,
and wants to be together as much as possible!"
It's true. And I'm so glad mom
and dad get to enjoy that experience of knowing
we love our family and are pretty much all
fans of each other!

We usually get on to a few different games each year.
Scum is another favorite!  And all the adults and 

kids play together no matter what the game or 
activity is. It's such an awesome thing. 
I never knew it was maybe a little unique, 
until a neighbor once told me that she 
doesn't have this experience in her family... of 
everyone hanging out together and enjoying 
being together so much. Jay  tells me often that 
he absolutely loves my family and loves that 
we genuinely have this "love of being together".
He says its awesome to be a part of it!  
Jay is a huge family-guy and he adores everyone.
Everyone adores Jay too, it's so great!
We all decided to not drive home that night because 
we wanted more time to  play together, so
we all stayed an extra day!!
I'll get those pictures/memories ready for
the next post!