Thursday, October 5, 2017

The rest of August 2017!

In Pleasant Grove for Aunt Tammy's father's
funeral viewing, we bumped into lots of family.
Took a quick picture with Jerry and
Amber while we waited in line together.
It was good to be there and to visit with family.

A couple of months this summer, Trey and
his best friend,Coulsen, worked mowing lawns
for a retirement community down in
Spanish Fork each week.

It was hard and very tiring work, but they earned
a lot of money, so that kept them motivated.
On this specific day, I was able to drive down to
bring the boys back home. I treated them to
a big meal as they were celebrating that it was
their last day for that specific job.
They had a few other homes around our
neighborhood that they mowed lawns for
each week as well. These kids are hard workers
 and always looking for work to earn money.

They filled a truck up with grass each time they
went and mowed these lawns!
We are so proud of Trey, and Jayme, they both work
really hard at their jobs and are happy to be
as independent as possible. They are good kids!

One morning on my way out the door for work,
I stopped quick and took a couple of pictures of our pretty
flowers this year. They did really well.
Except I didn't keep them up for the flower pots on
the porch, kept forgetting each week to go buy more flowers!

We love our little neck-of-the-woods !!
Jay and I didn't go on this trip with my family to Yosemite,
but the pictures were SO amazing that I wanted
a copy of them for my picture book to show my kids.
We will go next time for sure!!

Here's my siblings that went with their kids..
Brian and Sharla, Curt and Sydna with all their kids: Krysta and husband Ramsay, Erin, Camille, and Rachel, Sheri and Lynn
(but they didn't hike up to the top so they aren't in this picture).

I seriously need to get in shape before going
with them next time on this trek. That looks brutal!!

That is incredible!
Another shot of it

But scenes like this make it worth it

There is Sheri and Lynn with the others

The Graf's have always hiked. I grew up doing amazing
hikes like this. My dad would have loved to have
been with the family on this one, he was loving
the pictures being sent home.

Another beautiful picture
Looks like a blast!
I had to take a sneak peak pic while on the train one
early evening of my handsome kiddo! Trey is growing
up right before our eyes! He sure is a cute and amazing kid!
We were on our way to go meet Jay, who was up in
SLC area already from work.

Jay was taking us to the Bee's game that night!
Jayme was at a friend's bridal shower and felt
bad she couldn't be at both places that night.
We missed her being with us!

We have gone to a couple of Bee's games. They are
relaxing to be at. We stay till the 7th inning usually and then
take off! Those games are fun, but long! haha

I spotted this picture that Trey had taken.
Oh boy, it is so fun to see him turning in to a teenager
in every way!! Cars, driving, friends, highschool, ...
it's all happening so fast!!!!
Love this time of life for him!

It's fun getting pictures sent to us of the Cedar City temple!
We are excited to be going to the open house soon!

Trey's school picture day!
What a cute boy we have!!
We love our Trey!

We take lots of pics of kitty. He's a snuggly bug.

Jay and I at Snowbird for his work conference
this year! We had such a fun time together!

August is special for us since it's our
wedding anniversary month.

It's so surprising to us at
how fast the years are going by. This will mark 22 years
of marriage for us. We feel so blessed to be
together and have each other to walk through this life,
and the next life with!

There have been a few bumps of different sorts
along these 22 years. We feel
so lucky to have held on to each other through
all of those hardships.
Sometimes it's easier to just give up and give in to
the craziness in this life.
But, we always have found strength from having
each other in our lives and know that we do
best when we are together.

We have had so many fun and silly times, experiences,
and memories throughout these past 22 years.
We both love to laugh and be spontaneous that it
results in a lot of daily laughs and smiles.

We are and have always been crazy about each other and
we are not slow to recognize our blessings. Our
family is our greatest blessing and we feel so lucky
that our family relationship is protected through
living the gospel of Jesus Christ together each day.

We were just kids at age 22 getting married. But,
it feels like it was just yesterday also! I still get butterflies!


The day of our wedding anniversary, I got a surprise flower
delivery at my work. My friends were taking pictures of
me and were excited for our fun day!
Jay and I were taking off to Park City that evening to
spend the weekend relaxing and celebrating together.

Up in Park City condo that weekend, we forgot all else, and
just enjoyed our time together. We've always loved going
up there!! 

The second evening we were there, they had a concert
there on the grass area. 

I'm grateful for him and feel so
lucky he was brought into my life.

We got to park city just in time for dinner!
We knew we wanted to eat at our favorite
restaurant, Squatters! And we were staying
an extra night so we were excited to be
finding other new places that caught
our eye along the way too!
Taking a few pictures before getting busy
with the evening plans.
One thing for next time, we need to stay an
extra day. It's so nice to be there together, and
so hard to come back to the business of
our scheduled lives! 

After 22 years, I still get butterflies!

The yummiest meatloaf at Squatters! Jay ordered this dish,
but I had a few bites. Everything that we have tried there
is really good.

Early before breakfast, the sun lit the place up outside,
so so pretty out there!

We enjoyed our afternoon,
and made sure to have
plenty of time for shopping too!
It is back-to-school time
of the year, so lots of sales were
happening! Jay got this new
cute hat!

Getting ready to head out for dinner the second night.
I got this shirt on on sale from our shopping trip.
It was originally marked at $70.00, and I got it
for just $7.00.   We found deals like that all over.
Shopping up in Park City is always on our list of
things to do during our anniversary stay because of
the great sales they do at this time of year up there.

On one of the past years, we grabbed the kids and
took them back up the following week  for
school clothes shopping since the sales were still happening.
But now the kids are too old, we just let them do
their own shopping, and they are good at finding
deals all over Utah County.
The lodge we stay at is so pretty!
It's our tradition to stay at the Sundial lodge.

We were in the mood for sushi!
We found a really great place called, Sushi Blue.

The appetizer was just as yummy as
our dinner that followed!

I wanted to take this fireplace home and put it in my
family room! So beautiful, I loved it!

Jay is my sweetheart and I continue to
fall in love with him more and more as the years go by

Jay is always so good at making sure
we have a good mix of fun meaningful time together
as a couple and as a family! He's also so awesome
at helping us to feel loved! It is more than a blessing
to feel his partnership in this life and to
know that he is my handsome forever eternal partner.
I love him more than I can express!

Another view from our balcony

Jay took more pics of the condo

So fun to ride the ski lifts

Loved our time together there!

Snapping spontaneous pics of my cute honey.
We grabbed breakfast the next morning at
the Denny's up in Park City.
Such a great breakfast place!!

This made us giggle!
Everyone is getting ready for the big
solar eclipse coming up!
We are excited and are getting our solar glasses
from Mike and Barbara so we can look at it too!

Our anniversary weekend ended too fast again!
But we had such a great time that on the way down 

the mountain, we decided to book the 
place again to bring our family up to soon!

During our anniversary weekend trip, my family
had a family reunion happening down in Cedar City.
It was a reunion they do each summer at the Canyon Park
for my dad's siblings, and his cousins attend, it's
 really neat! We have gone to some of them.
I love that they do it each year no matter what!
It's on our anniversary weekend, so
we miss going to the reunion some of the years.

The solar eclipse!!
I took an extra long lunch so that I could go
home and meet up with Trey and Jayme to enjoy
this epic moment together!

Kitty was wondering what we were doing out there!

Trey got a cool picture through his phone through
the solar eclipse glasses

Brian sent us a picture of his Orthodontic office
enjoying the eclipse

Jay took a picture of his work out enjoying the moment too!

Curt and Sydna sent a picture to us of them in Idaho
where they were there with friends and family
enjoying the full solar eclipse

Trey's awesome pics!!

Jay brought home a fun eclipse treat for me from his work

August ended with getting our tickets for
our annual BYU games!
We love attending the games. It's more fun if they
win, but even if they don't it's just fun to go!