Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Bringing in the new year of 2011 was fun as we celebrated down in Logandale Nevada with Grandma and Grandpa Fox.

Grandpa had a roaring fire the whole evening which Trey was mesmerized with and eventually as the fire died down to a sleepy spark....so did Trey!

Trey was trying to stay awake for the midnight fireworks on TV...but he fell asleep just minutes before....right underneath the fireplace.

We enjoyed munching on yummy finger foods and Pizza while we watched Las Vegas and then a re-run of New York celebrate New Years Eve on TV...so fun!

The next morning, we were pretty sleepy but happy to pose for our first pictures of 2011

With the new year, also came new weather to St. George.....SNOW!

The famous "Red Mountain" is now WHITE!!

And by the time I got home...the grass was visible...but the snowman was still standing :)

We are happy to be entering into the new year with excitment and new goals to work on..... We are especially happy because we love our little family, our extended family, and also our friends, and we are so grateful for our blessings!