Monday, January 10, 2011

Cool at School.....

Trey: "Mom, yesterday me and Mason decided that today at school we were gonna act cool"

Mom: "'s something..."

Trey: " we planned it all out"

Mom: "So...what did you plan?"

Trey: "just stuff like putting our hand in our pockets...just stuff like that..."

Mom: "Oh sure did you then?"

Trey: "No...we changed our minds and decided not to"

Mom: " you don't need to act cool because you guys are already cool"

Trey: "Oh ya mom..but..we were gonna act COOL-ER!"

That was too fun not to share :)

So, I'm sure I have other pictures of Trey with his friend, Mason. But, this is the only one I could spot right off. It's back from halloween obviously.
I just love 8 year old boys!!! So much fun!!!