Sunday, January 23, 2011

Fun in the sun....cousin time!!!

Jim and Amy's family came down to our neck of the woods and enjoyed the warm weather with the family down here for a few days last weekend. We loved having them stay at our house for a fun sleep-over and then they let us tag along with them for a fun movie and some hiking the next day! I left my camera in the car with Trey and Rylund and didn't know that they had taken these silly pictures until just now :) so cute! They find easy ways to entertain themselves for sure! haha

While the boys were over in Hurricane enjoying some golfing, we had fun at the outlet stores where we met up with Grandma Fox and shopped for GREAT deals! I bought a shirt for $2.00!!! Jeannette got a deal just as good as mine!! And Amy bought some pants for $3.00 and some shirts for $1.00!!! We enjoyed lunch from the Mongolian restaurant there at the outlets. Then onto the movies we went! We hiked up on top of the Dixie Rock... The next day we gathered at the park in Mesquite! Grandpa and Grandma Fox brought lunch and yummy treats! The boys had fun tossing the football while us girls soaked in the 70 degree sunshine and chatted! It was so fun to sit and watch the cousins enjoy playing- This is my shirt I bought at the outlet store on sale for only $2.00! So fun!

Jayme took this picture of Jay and I and I thought she did a great job!
We are happy for the warmer weather that we've been enjoying lately here. Can't wait to see the family again and have some more great cousin time!!!