Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thank heaven for kids!

Trey is the one who keeps me straight while on the road.

He's the best back-seat driver:"Mom, go! the light is green....pass that guy in front of you!!"
"Mom, are you going the speed limit? I think you're speeding....slow down...what is the speed limit?!"
"Mom, there's a cop!!...are you going the speed limit?!...I think you are it 25? I don't think you are going 25...slow down!!!"
etc, etc, etc, etc......

He's pretty cute as I have to explain all the traffic rules to him...of why I can't pass the car in front of me all the time.... And, why I am going only 5 over the speed limit and it's probably ok to go a little bit faster than the speed limit sometimes :)
But, Trey keeps me straight! And, I'm so glad he's over interested in my driving skills... haha

Well, yesterday, Trey and me went for a quick trip to the grocery store....and it's a good thing I had him with me...
I was so distracted from coming out from shopping and was in a huge hurry to get back home with my little bag of groceries in my hand!! I opened his back door for him to climb in. He was all upset about something...but I wasn't paying attention as I was digging for my keys. I started to slip into my seat as trey was refusing to climb into the back seat. It was then that I finally made out what his alarming voice was saying..."Mom! Mom!...this isn't our car!!"
Same Color of car.
I about died!
We scurried out of there so quick and slipped into our car which was parked right next to it and sped so fast home as I explained to Trey that it was ok to speed home after you get into the wrong car!