Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Celebrating Grandma Lily's Life

Just recently we were up in northern Utah for Grandma Lily's funeral. It was a sad and happy occasion. Sad because we will miss Grandma very much. Even though she was 88 years old, her passing seemed sudden. She was a wonderful person who we will miss so much, but we also are blessed to know that she is doing so well and happy where she is now. It gladdened our hearts to think that she is again with her husband and her son on the other side.
The occasion was also happy, though, for the gathering of the Mills side. It was really great to be together.

The picture in the upper right side is a young picture of Jay's mom and dad. His dad is also shown to the left. His dad is the one in the green shirt. Kinda blurry pics...but fun to share anyway. Jay's dad was killed in an accident when Jay was 3 years old. We love to see any pictures of him when we get the chance. Grandma Lily is in the center picture

Jay with his brothers, Jim and Adam

This is a picture of Jay's dad, Bruce with Jay's sister,Kristen.

my sister-in-laws: Carrie, Amy, and Tammy

Jay with his cousin

Jay's mom, Jeannette standing in the line at the viewing

Me, Tammy, and Joelie

Jay with his brothers, Adam and Kyle
Trey with is cute cousins. They are playing a game on Jay's ipod

Annie and Josen

Jay with his mom
Jay's brother and cousin
Adam and Annie
Jay's cousin Natalie and her family
Jay's cousin, Devin and his wife

They passed out balloons to the great-grandkids to let go up in the sky

The pall bearers
Trey and Rylund
Grandma Lily's son, Frank and Annette, who are on a mission and couldn't be to the funeral, were able to see everything via the internet. Awesome!! Here they are viewing the casket.

Jeannette with Grandma Lily's casket
Jayme with her cousin, Joelie
gathered around Jay's dad's grave
Jay's uncle Terry Mills

Jay with his sister and brother: Tammy and Jim
Jayme with her uncle Mike (thanks Tammy for posting this cute picture so I could copy it for myself as well) :)
The weekend was good. It was sad. Jay talked to me a lot about his grandma Lily. He will miss being able to go and visit her. He took the opportunity to walk through her house with his mom and uncle after the funeral was over. Jayme was able to choose a special handkerchief that Grandma Lily had made. She was very gifted and talented with the clothes and blankets she made. And, we will have as keepsakes!
We were so grateful to Brian and Sharla for the room and board! We had such a great time staying there with them and Brandon. We even went to see a fun movie at the theatre for a quick spontaneous double-date! Thanks so much Bri and are always soooo much fun!! We already miss you both, and Brandon, ....oh, and Jimmer! Loved the life-size poster you have in your kitchen!!! too funny!