Saturday, February 5, 2011

I'm "in" !!!!!......

So, lately I'm "in".....not "out"! And, whenever I'm "in" only lasts about 10 to 20 seconds....and then I'm back "out"!

This is the profile of the coolest person in my house lately...and who we are all trying to be "in" with!!!

Let me explain. Trey has formed his open oppinion of the rest of us in the house. If we are currently on his "good" side, then he informs us that we are "in" !!!

We all brag when we are "IN" because it's so very hard to accomplish this.

I was "out" for a very long time (because I wasn't being Trey's personal slave very well....getting him drinks whenever he wanted, getting him blankets to snuggle up to while watching TV...tickeling his back...letting him stay up late, etc).

But, then I decided to do ALL the hard work to make the exciting jump from being on the bad side, to finally being "IN"!!!! When he informed me of my new exclusive status, I bragged to Jayme and Jay and they were so jealous.

But, then I accidently forgot how sensitive my status was...and I teased Trey and told him a "dumb" knock knock joke..and he IMMEDIATELY looked at me at said, "MOM, you are OUT!!"

Somehow, the kitty is ALWAYS "in"...jay has been "in" a couple of times..but Trey's sister, Jayme, hasn't made it to the coveted mark yet.

ohhhh, silly 8 year old boy in my house. I love it!