Saturday, February 12, 2011

I'm not a smart man...Jenny...but I know what love is...

Gotta love Forrest Gump. And, I always liked that part of the movie. Forrest had been in love with Jenny since the beginning clear to the very ending. His love for Jenny was a childlike tender type love. He felt he wanted to protect her and wanted her to be happy and to be the best "Jenny" she could be.

With valentines right around the corner... love in the air....and a trip to walmart today to buy some valentines for the kiddos in my house, I have been thinking a lot about LOVE!!

My thoughts reminisce down memory lane and back.
The first time I was in love, REAL love, was at age 12. It was 6th grade.

I was decked out in my thick glasses,

a perm in my already natural curly afro hair,

(Perms were the "cool" thing. And, since I clearly wanted to be cool, I had to have a perm too....regardless of my already poofy fuzzy natural curl)

And what topped me off were my sweet silver braces.... and headgear (which I only wore at night mind you)

But, I learned that my heart had a mind of it's own....reagardless of what I saw of my appearance in the mirror.....
Yes...I was in love!!!

And, the man of my dreams who stole my heart was my one and only wart doctor.

He was tall, dark, and handsome.

He was probably in his early 30's.
Age didn't matter.
I just knew I was going to marry him some day soon probably.

I loved my wart appointments.
I clearly remember his warm hands holding mine.

His gentle fingers rubbing over my huge 12 month old wart.
I had willed my wart to linger on and on because it was the only way to date...I mean... to see my man.

Then, it happened.

He asked me out!!!

I knew that he truly felt the same way about me,as I did him, when one day in frustration during my appointment he said, "Ahhhh! I have frozen it off! I have burned it off! I have cut it out! Nothing seems to get it gone for good. I'll tell you what!.... the day this awful wart goes away I'm taking you for pizza!!!!"

My heart skipped a beat!!

Done! That's all it took.

That was the end of my wart.

Unfortually, it was also the end of my wart doctor. I never did see him again.

No phone call came.

No pizza date.
And, thus, I experienced my first heartbreak.

Fortunately, I met a dashing replacement nearly 10 years later!!

Contact lens in place of my glasses.

Straighter teeth in place of the braces and head-gear.

Straightening irons were invented for the poofy hair.

And...yes...I was still wart-less.

I first saw Jay in St. George getting into his car. He was the one!

I persued him and even asked him out first!! (maybe my wart doctor was waiting for ME to call HIM!...hmmmm....I never thought of that strategy...but it did work with Jay!!).

We were married at the Bountiful temple 7 months after we met.

He is my bestfriend. He's my protector. He want's me to be the best "Lisa" I can be. He's my handsome sweetheart and the one who I can't wait to be with for the rest of my life and forever!!

We've been enjoying our wonderful life together for the past almost 16 years!!!

And since it's that time of year again, I can say that I'm so happy he is my Valentine!! I love him so much!!

Love is just the best!