Sunday, February 20, 2011

We LOVE all the LOVE during the month of february!!

Sugar cookies were the bomb in our house ALL of february.

We made 5 different batches throughout the month.

We gave a few away. But, mostly, we just enjoyed them ourselves.

I love sugar cookies!!!

These were Treys. He made them, rolled them out, cut them, decorated them, and ate them!!

The actual day of Valentines started off with special valentines for the kids from Jay and I.

They were so excited to get their annual stash!!

Jayme got these cute heart ear rings to wear to school that day

Then, it was time to present Trey with.....THE CRUSH !!!......

I had received a facebook message that I figured was of the utmost importance for Trey on valentines morning.

Ohhhh and, this info brought Trey to a new level of excitment for the day!
When I dropped Trey off for school that morning, his head was darting back and forth to see if he could spot THE CRUSH.
I don't think that he noticed anyone staring at him with love in their eyes right away.

When I picked him up from school, he dumped out his school valentines... and there in the pile was a clue to....THE CRUSH....

The word "from" was crossed out ...and hand written "LOVE" ...hmmmm, could it be...THE CRUSH??
Then, we discovered the back of the card......

Trey told me that he walked up to the girl's desk and told her that "yes, he would be her valentine". (He thought he was suppose to give her an answer to her question)

And, soon, I had a confirmation (via facebook) that YES..this was THE CRUSH!!
Trey was pretty excited.
But, Trey has a CRUSH of his own....and this is the valentine he got from her. He kept showing it to me

Jay got home from work and we were off to celebrate the rest of our fun family themed valentines day by going on a family DATE!!

We went to the matinee movie and saw Nomio and Juliet!!

Then it was off to dinner at the Rick Shaw.

Jayme was giggly during our whole dinner since she discovered that sitting just a few tables over from us was HER CRUSH!!!

Ohhhhh...LOVE was in the air!!!