Sunday, March 20, 2011


I was awaken by little Trey's voice asking me "why no one has started pinching yet?" was then that I remembered that it was St. Patricks Day! Trey was already prepared with a large green circle that he had permanantly marked on his hand and he was decked out wearing his green flipflops!
I sat up in my bed that morning after checking the time and told him that I'm sure people out in the world had started pinching. To that, he remarked, "well, nobody in this house has started pinching yet!".
He was ready for some serious action! He had a big smile on his face and wanted to be chased and pinched...even with all his green on!
Later that evening, after I returned home from work, he was eager to help me make our dinner all GREEN that night...
We started with breaking open the green food coloring!

Then Trey proceeded to break open ALL the rest of the colors of food coloring!!...which he just played with for the rest of the evening!
Chicken with GREEN alfredo sauce!
GREEN salad with GREEN ranch dressing (which Jayme made!)
And Green rice crisipies and cupcakes that my friend made and told me to bring home for the fam!
Trey pulling his favorite silly flared nose smily face!!
Jayme sporting the GREEN cups
And, Trey's easter egg that he decided to color over and over and over and over and over and over! By the end of the night, Trey's hand were permanantly dark BLUE/GREEN.
We sure had a fun day celebrating together! And, Trey gave as many pinches as he received from the rest of us!