Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Last weekend.....

Last weekend we went up to be with the Nielson family for baby Macy's blessing!

The weekend started off with some sleepovers at Curt and Sydna's house with their fun family!! They were so great to take us in for the time we were up north! Our families had lots of fun giggling together. Oh, and they put mints on the pillow for Jay the night that we arrived!! haha. We appreciated their hospitality....and they were good to put up with us keeping them up way too late at night watching Avitar, and all the partying that we were doing with them

On saturday, went to see the Cougs play some awesome basketball over in Provo at the Marriot Center with some of the northern Utah family!

We were sitting up high... but with Grandpa Graf's binoculars...we felt like we were on the front row!!
It was a sold-out game and the crowd was way super spirited!!

A little Jimmer action !!! Oh yeah!!
We could see their facial expressions with these super 3-D binoculars!!!
Curt got even closer with using TWO sets of binoculars at the same time!! haha
Here's the champs!! Go BYU!! Jimmer is holding the trophy and posing for the cameras.

Jimmer cutting the net down
What a game!
On the way home from the BYU game we stopped by the church and visited Sydna who was heading the Pinewood Derby races. We watched a few and saw the scouts getting excited for their cars to win!

Back at home, Trey was excited to learn how to "Jimmer"! I brought him home some fun souveniers from the game. Trey is a huge fan and has JIMMER-MANIA!
Erin, Jayme , and Kass were so fun!
A little more Jimmer Action!
We made our way over for a spontaneous fun pizza party at Brian and Sharla's house!

Then, the next morning was sunday and we met at Kim and Shauns church for the baby blessing. It was so great to be there with family. Shaun gave a beautiful blessing for little Macy. We ate a yummy luncheon at their house afterwards.

Look at Jacey's little hand cupping Macy's face....sooooo sweet!!!

Kim and Shaun with baby Macy....and Brooklyn sneaking in the picture too!!

I wish I would have hurried outside to their basketball hoop where the guys were playing a mean game of "old guys" (Jay, Nate, and Trevor) against the "young guys" (Brandon, Kolby, Kevin, and Matthew). Jay said it was a fun game. He said they were trying to teach the young ones how to Jimmer it up!

We sure do think little Macy is so pretty and sweet. We were happy to have been able to be there for the fun weekend with family and also to celebrate Macy and her special blessing day!