Friday, April 29, 2011

Happy in the "Happiest Place On Earth"!!

We surprised the kids with a fun trip to Disneyland over easter break. We had been planning it for a few weeks prior and kept it on the "low-down" so as to keep the secret nice and quiet.

Jay surprised Jayme by telling her about the trip with a easter egg treasure hunt the night before we left so that she could know and pack quickly a few belongings that she especially wanted to take.

We surprised Trey with on the way to california in the car by handing him an easter egg with a note inside that read, "You are a lucky boy! are on your way to Disneyland RIGHT NOW!!". He was super surprised and excited!

We were there for 6 days! What a BLAST!

We only had a few mis-haps on the trip: Jayme lost her cell phone on a few rides and we were lucky to find it still sitting on the seat after other's had been on the rides after us. We also lost Trey's souvineer backpack and were lucky to be told by a passer-by that the cops had some dogs sniffing it out and took it. We found it at the Disneyland lost and also had my camera inside it...which we didn't know about! ahhh! And, we left our hotel headed for home forgetting a whole drawer full of clothes. We had to have them mailed to us. They arrived safe and sound today. We were pretty surprised to also find (in the box) our little TV's that the kids watch movies on in the car usually each time while we travel. We didn't even know we had left them in the hotel! So glad to have gotten them back!

I couldn't pick and choose very I'll just put pretty much all the photos on here just for fun

Such fun!