Sunday, April 3, 2011

"To Be or NOT to BE"...that is a really good question!! :)

Wasn't General Conference awesome? !

We loved it. I was especially happy this conference since my kids are older now and it makes listening to conference so much easier. We just turned on the TV and all sat and snuggled pretty much for the most part. Everybody likes me to tickle their backs, so we rotated as everyone got a shift sitting next to me. Then, I took opportunity to make sure I got included as well.

Saturday evening, we went down to Grandma/Grandpa Fox's house in Nevada. The boys: Jay, his dad Bruce, and his brother-in-law Mike attended the general priesthood session. And us girls had a girls night! The girls included: my mom-in-law Jeannette, my sister-in-law Tammy, her girls and a friend, and my Jayme...and Trey (the only boy with the rest of us girls). We hung out at grandmas house and watched "Tangled"....eating pizza and popcorn~ yum! We also enjoyed playing phase 10 while listening to Justin Bieber as the girls sang every word from their Itouches, and snacking on yummy treats!

We had such a great visit together.

When the priesthood men returned, Jay relayed to me the topics that were discussed in the evening session. It sounded like it was really great! Jay was so glad to have had the opportunity to go and listen.

We spent a while that evening sitting on the floor and looking through some neat old photos of Jay's dad and some other family photos that we hadn't ever seen before. The photos were really neat to see. Tammy had brought them down with her and we can't wait to see even more that she has been gathering.

We had such a fun visit that we didn't find ourselves back home until 1am. And to bed by 2am. Can I say....SLEEPY? But, it was worth the fun conversations last night!

General Conference all day sunday has been so wonderful also. We have stayed in our PJ's and quietly listened to the talks and music. I took notes of thoughts and impressions I had through the different speakers. I love to jot down notes. I'm kind of a journal finatic.

I noticed that there were wonderful messages in all the talks. I loved the messages about marriage and working together to have happy rightoeous families here and now. I loved the thoughts discussed on the churches welfare principles that help us to become self-reliant and better able to help others around us to do the same. I loved the comments shared about listening to the nudges and promptings we have and then to go and act on these feelings so that other people can be blessed.

I loved the thoughts shared about becoming more like Christ. How did that one speaker put it?..."To be or not to be" haha. He was motivating on helping us to want to "BE" by developing important Christ-like that we will more effecively "DO" throughout our lifetime.

I always love the testimonies shared of the truthfulness of the Gospel and of the mission the savior came to perform. The testimonies helped me to want to be more deliberate about taking advantage of the blessings of the Atonement.

I love this gospel. It is the reason I make the decisions I do. And, when I get lazy and make a poor choice, I am so grateful for the safety net of repentance. I am so excited for the future and for the blessings of an eternal family!

I can't wait for the next General Conference!!