Monday, April 4, 2011

Too much fooling around in our house lately!

Jay is the King-teaser in our household. He always gets everybody good for April Fools Day. And, he did it again this year. I am so gullible that it's pretty easy to trick me....regardless if it's April Fools Day or not!

So, the kids and I decided to try and get creative! We had some help with ideas from the girls at my work...and the idea was born: Kitty Litter Cake!

It was so gross looking that I still am having a hard time eating the leftovers even though I know what the ingredients really are!

Jay was pretty surprised with us trying to fool him with this and he kept saying that it was a "good attempt" ...but he wasn't totally fooled!

So, after he fell asleep april fools night, I decided he was fair game!

I painted his toenails so quick as to not wake him!

He never noticed when he got up and put himself to bed.
The next morning when he woak up and grabbed his Itouch to read his scriptures for the morning, check his email, and facebook messages...he noticed a picture of his foot on facebook...with pretty painted toenails.
It was then that he looked down at his feet and sure enough, I finally GOT HIM FOR APRIL FOOLS!!! hahahahahaha I AM THE KING-TEASER!!
(oh, I think I might have just started a april fools day war....)