Friday, May 20, 2011


So one thing that is true for me, is that the worst situations in my life tend to happen TWICE. I'm not sure why. But, I've stopped wondering on the WHY part. I now just prepare myself for the fact that it WILL occur again in the future at some point.

I've been wating for the bird to poop on my head again now for the past 10 years. And when I say "on my head"....I mean on my head in the middle of an important part of the day. I wouldn't mind it so much if the bird pooped on my head when I was just taking out the trash to the street...and then I could just go inside and clean up without any hassle. But, no. That's not how birds choose to poop on my head.

The first time was in the middle of a baby shower. In my bangs. Lovely.

Then I waited and wondered ....When will this awesome experience happen to me again?

I can put it all behind me now. Oh, I'm so relieved. The bird chose me yesterday on my way into work. I thought it was maybe one huge rain drop (since it was raining outside). But, after checking into work and greeting my fellow friends there (luckily they were distracted and greeted me without looking my way too closely), I made a trip to the bathroom and noticed the lovely HUGE white/brown runny blob drying quickly to my bangs.

Well, I am honestly happy now though. The waiting is finally over.

I felt the same relief a few years ago on the cruise ship when I walked out of the bathroom stall, unknowing that my dress was crammed into the back of my underwear. After the brave nice lady chose to leave her place in the long "waiting for a toilet" line came and grabbed my dress and tugged it out for me ....and the embarrasment passed, I quickly felt a huge sense of happiness that THAT one experience had finally peeked it's head into my life again. I even told the whole line of ladies that I was happy for this moment...for it had finally surfaced...and I could go on with my life without always wondering when this moment would finally come back to haunt me. I then explained to those 15 single-filed women about the first time this episode happened to me when I was 8 years old in the church bathroom. And, how I was wearing my new pretty baptism dress. And how I had made it out in the hall and on my way to primary when I felt my sunday school teacher tugging on what felt like my underwear.

I somehow always knew that that moment would come around again in my life one day and I'd get to experience it all over again. YAY FOR ME! ugggg.

There have been countless other "double trouble" episodes in my life. I really should be keeping a journal.

But, the only one I'm still waiting for is... when I will have the opportunity to drive off the freeway off-ramp in northern utah and my car speeds through the taped off area where the road workers are busy working. And, I can't wait to be able to experience again how my car ends up in the middle of their working zone area.

OH, it happened. Yes it did. And, it was not a good moment. And, no, they were not happy to find me suddenly there among them either....nor where they helpful.

I just hope that the second time it happens, there isn't also a hole I drive my car into in the middle of their work zone. I haven't figured out how I would get my car out of that one :)

Did I mention that I'm not the best driver out there on the road? I seem to be getting worse with my driving the older I get. So, that is how I figure that I can count on this episode finding it's way back into my life again somehow...somewhere in my future. ugggh.

BUT at least the bird poop is past me now! Whew!