Saturday, May 14, 2011

I love being a mom

I love being Jayme and Treys mom! They bring so much joy and purpose to my whole life! There is nothing else that matches the happiness my family brings to me!

Jay and the kids were excited to celebrate a happy mothers day with me!!
Jay stole me away from the kids one night earlier on in the week for dinner at the Olive Garden and off to do some fun mothers day shopping. He is a sweet heart!

On friday evening, we met at Pizza Factory for dinner with Tammy, Joelie, Bruce, and Jeannette. It was such a great time to visit with eachother, be together, and wish Jeannette a very happy mothers day. Oh...but I forgot to take pictures of that evening.

Saturday was our "family date" day for mothers day! So, saturday morning, we walked over to the park to enjoy watching the Ironman (bike part of the triathlon) that was going on in Ivins city that day. We enjoyed ourselves there and cheered on the racers. We got to meet and visit with several of TV's biggest losers too!

We had fun taking pictures with these Biggest Losers!!

There were others there too but we didn't walk around to find the rest of them...we had to hurry and get going for the rest of our fun-filled day we had planned for our family date!!

Then, my cute little family wisked me away to lunch and to the duck pond to relax a bit and have fun watching the ducks, swans, and turtles swim in the water. Oh...we love that fun pond!

There is something super relaxing about water and nature. We didn't have pics of the kids here since Jayme was the one holding the camera/video recorder and she is silly about us taking her picture these this is all we got :)

Then, it was off to see the movie Thor! We all really liked the movie! Popcorn and frazzles!! YUM!

Sunday, was mothers day officially and we went up to cedar to spend time with mom! We had the best time visiting with her and dad. Sheri and Raquel come over and we had a great time catching up with them. Nate and Alishas family is always fun to spend time with and we just chatted away until evening. Sunday (mothers day) was also the day of Nate's birthday!! So, we had fun celebrating with home-made ice cream and cake! Alisha sure does know how to spoil us all!!! There, however, was a little sadness in the home since cute Grizz (Nate, Alishas dog) passed away the evening before. It was really hard on their family to lose him so suddenly. But, hopfully we helped to cheer them up a little with our surprise visit there.