Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mothers Matter! Happy Mothers Day!!

"A mother's influence not only spans decades, it reaches into the eternities." - Sheri Dew

My mom is the most amazing woman I know. She has so many talents and she shares them with others constantly. I have been in awe of her espeically as I have grown into a mother myself. I watch her and I can't believe all that she has tackled throughout her years. She has juggled so much all at the same time through all her life and does it so effortlessly. I know she is a strong person inside and out. Some things I have been thinking lately about my mom are that she never complains about her own struggles. She is always thinking of and helping all the other people around her. She doesn't just help her family constantly...but she is also always helping her neighbors and members in her ward. I have seen this time and time again first hand. She is the most amazing example to me of charity!
I love you MOM!! Thank you for all your selfless service throughout all the years! You are beautiful, kind, strong, and giving! Thanks for your unwavering testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ. You have impacted my own testimony so much more than you could ever know! I love you!

Jeannette, my other MOM! I couldn't be any more lucky to have her as my mother-in-law and I truly mean that! She has been so patient and kind with me through the years as I have found my feet in my new life with Jay and as I became a new member of her family. She never made me feel anything but totally welcomed into her family and totally loved. I have learned (and still do) so much from watching and being around her. She has a kind heart for all others that she is around and she has a talent to help us all feel like her home is our home too. What a gift that is that she gives to all others! She has a soft touch with others and a kind heart that helps people feel they are loved by her. I am so thankful for her endless service to our family with the wonderful meals she prepares for us as we come to visit and the many other small kind acts that she constantly does. I love you, Jeannette! You are also in our prayers as your health is a challenge for you right now. We hope you truly know how much we all love and care about you.

I loved this from Jeff Holland!!! It is a tribute from him to mothers!