Thursday, June 16, 2011


We left sunny St. George 2 weeks ago on a saturday.

We were spoiled by friends, co-workers, and family with going-away parties.

Jay's work took him out to lunch during the last week of his work at the courthouse. Then, they also gave him a going away party there at work. Trey and I showed up and enjoyed some treats and fun chatting with the neat people jay works with.

My employment did a surprise breakfast for me at work and then a few of them also surprised me with presents. It was so sweet :)

Jayme had a sad but fun time saying good bye to friends the last week of school. (these pics I got from her own camera)

We found a home for kitty on a ranch in Veyo. It is such a fun place and kitty will like it there :)

We had a fun Family Home Evening night/Goodbye Party with NATE/ALISHA and RY/DONNA's families the week before we left also. We will miss being able to see the southern utah families in Dixie and Cedar City as often as we were able to.

The same night that we partied with Nate's family and Ry's family....Jayme's friends showed up and stole her away for a fun night together!!!!! Jayme was SOOO surprised! She loved it and had such a great time! What fun!

They took her to AntiGravity in St. George. They all had a blast!
Jayme said this was her favorite game! This is her and Cassy
Jayme is trying hard to reach the end (on the left)
Her friends are doing the Justin Bieber symbol for Jayme since she is such a fan!

They also took her to enjoy some frozen yogurt at Krave!

TREY had a summer/goodbye party with a selected few of his very best friends. And, I am kicking myself for forgetting to take any pictures of the party!! I can't believe I missed snapping some fun pics of those cute boys!! I was too busy helping the party along :) 2 of the boys cried when it was time to say the offical goodbye to Trey. So sweet.

These are a couple fun pics of one of Trey's very best friends hanging out at a fun fish pond the last day they could before saying bye to eachother. That was a hard day to say goodbye to eachother. Those fun boys will miss hanging out and playing


Oh, and it seriously wouldn't close all the way shut.....!! AHHHHH!!

Ry was a trooper and a life saver for us with our loading that truck with the big stuff!!! And, also helping us with the last details.

Jay arrived at our destination
(Kim/Shauns pretty house!!) a couple hours before I did, so I don't have any pics of all the helpers unloading the boxes and all from the uhaul. I also forgot to snap any pics of the pizza dinner with everyone that same night. We were tired and also busy enjoying ourselves visit with everyone.

we so much appreiciate Kim and Shauns family for letting us live in their basement. It is more than comfortable and we are so happy and grateful to them!
Kass came with us to visit grandpa Wood.
We love catching some rays out on the deck now that it's summer time!!

Even Kimmi caught some sunshine rays for a minute or two!!!
We are enjoying getting to know and play with little Macy!!
Kim taught Brooky how to ride her bike this past week (without training wheels!!)
Trey loves his new bike! He rides every day and is enjoying the fun friends that come over to play with the family each day
the neighbors had a snowcone stand...big hit!!!

Trey and I had fun playing at a frog pond close by!! It was really cool!
Strawberry Days rodeo was a major hit with all of us!! We had fun gathering together with all the northern family for this evening of excitement!!!

Krista and Heidi are posing next to a fun blog friend of Angies and April!!!

So, we have been busy each day working and having fun too!! Jay is settling in fast with his new job and ready to start school in the next couple of weeks! We are excited to be here and on to the next chapter of our lives.
I have many more pics to post about Strawberry Days, Fathers Day, Jayme's new hair color, Girls Camp, Lehi Days and parade and other fun random pics to share!! I'll get them ready to post soon! :)