Thursday, June 2, 2011


School let out LAST WEEK...and we welcomed SUMMER!!!!

The kids and I were excited for our mini trip to Cedar to attend CHS GRADUATION 2011 for my 3 nieces (Chey, Shay, and Raquel) highschool graduation held at SUU!

The kids and I spent memorial weekend in Cedar with extended family at my parents home.

These are some pics we took after the ceremony was over that evening.....

This one was taken during the ceremony. It was a pretty packed house that night!! Here's Steph, Ryan, Dad, and Kim
A cute pic of Raquel with a couple friends

The kids and I stayed at mom and dad's house all weekend. It was so much fun! We had lots of visiting time. And, the cousins LOVED hanging out together!!
(oops, this is one more pic from the graduation night)
Here's Donna visiting in mom's family room
Dad and Macy
The cousins were always finding fun ways to fill their time! This was a pic I caught of them as they hurried on past us on their way outside to the trampoline! They were "marshmellow puffs"
Kolb and Trey!

Tyler and Trey!
Nate out watching the kids having fun!!
I was able to visit with several of my friends while I was up in Cedar! These are some of my friends from when I worked at the detention center! I love these girls so much!!

I forgot to take pictures of my other visits. But, I was also able to go visit with my friend(old next door neighbor) Rachel and see her new baby! I saw Pam, who was one of my young women when I was serving in that capacity in an old ward several years ago. It's so fun to see my young women all grown up and in college now! Pam is in nursing school!! I was also able to go visit my friend Angie (Fullmer) York. I got to go visit Steve and Julia who live right across the street from mom and dad, who are good friends of Jay and mine. And, I got to have a couple really good visits with my friend, Mary Brown. It was a wonderful time catching up with awesome friends!!
While the kids and I were up in Cedar...Jay has been in Alaska with my two brothers and my two nephews! I am loving the pictures he is sending home!!!!!! He, a fisherman at heart, is in HEAVEN out there!!!

Jay told Trey over the phone, last night, that he is bring him home TWO souveniers. Trey can't hardly wait!...and he has spent the whole day making Jay TWO presents to give him. When I asked him what he was making for dad, he said, "I'm making Alaska!!"
He wrote on the front, "TO DAD ....FRUM TREY" (pretty cute)
So, it's a forest with a waterfall and then some animal life.

walrus snow-capped mountains, trees, river, rocks, and waterfall
While Jay has been gone to Alaska, Trey has enjoyed going to my friends house seeing her cool big fish in her front yard!

And, Jayme has been enjoying Youth Conference also this week! I snapped this quick pic as I picked her up from a fun swim party. there were TONS of kids there, I just didn't get very close to the party and didn't get very good pics.

Here's a couple pics that Jayme snapped while she was with friends at youth conf today.

This was such a long post! But, I wanted to sort of catch up from some of our fun going-on's this past bit.
Our next big adventure.....MOVING TO LEHI NEXT WEEKEND!!! We are all excited and nervous for the big change that it will be. The kids are sad to leave behind friends. But, we are excited about making new friends too! This is a good direction for our family to be going and so we are really excited for what the future brings. Kim and Shauns family are too kind to let us bunk up with them for the next little while. We are more than grateful to their whole family! It is such a sacrifice for them to be making for us. And, we have so much appreciation and love for them :)