Wednesday, July 13, 2011

17 Miracles

Jayme, Kassidy, Kolby, Kim and I went to a fireside this past sunday night.
T.C. Christensen was the speaker. Here is a picture of him behind the camera (below

He showed video clips from his most recent movie 17 Miracles. It was such a neat fireside and so great to start celebrating July 24th with thinking about the pioneers and their trek west. I felt so humbled as I sat and watched the video clips of some of these special pioneers. I havn't seen the movie yet and plan to go soon!

T.C. Christensen asked everyone who was a desendant of the Willie and Martin Handcart company to stand there at the fireside. I was surprised to see how many people stood up. It was a reverencing feeling.

I'm glad I don't have to "trek west" like these pioneers did in their time. But, I'm wanting to live the gospel to the best of my ability. And, hopfully I will pass on my testimony by my example just like those pioneers did by the way that they lived.

The link (below) is a little bit to view of 17 Miracles: