Thursday, July 28, 2011

Getting older.... and wiser?

Turning the big 38 has been fun!

I kinda forgot that I wasn't ALREADY 38 this past year...and the kids and Jay have corrected me when I have said the wrong age throughout the year :)

I don't know why it is so easy to forget our age as we get older and older...I thought we were suppose to be getting WISER as we age...not FORGETFUL!! :)

Jay surprised me this year! He had secretly arranged to take the day off of work a few weeks before my birthday and didn't let anybody know so that the secret would stay with only him!

Days before, he kept saying to me that we wouldn't be able to celebrate my birthday since it was in the middle of the work week and he has night some future weekend would have to do!

That morning, he kissed me goodbye like he always does on his daily routine for getting gone for the day.

Shortly he returned and grabbed the kids and rushed to me with a "HAPPY BIRTHDAY"!!
My hair isn't even brushed yet, but I managed to put on my new birthday shirt and new earrings and splash some eye makeup on quick before the camera started flashing!

I got what I hinted for (and got even lots more fun things from everyone!)

I've had my eye on this waffle iron for EVER...yay!!
I've hinted that I've wanted a microwave bacon plate for EVER...(these items too much fun and make it easy with no mess for bacon mornings!)
fun gifts! I didn't get a picture of everything, but it's because the gifts were coming in shifts throughout the day and night! Seriously spoiled this year from everyone!
One of the gifts from kims family to hang on my fun! The Nielsons kept going out and bringing back more fun gifts througout the day! too much fun!

Then, Jay whisked me away for the entire day!

He took me clothing shopping...

then, to lazily walk around the shops at Thanksgiving Point...

We ate at the Deli at Thanksgiving Point and grabbed some yummy icecream afterward at the shop next to it...

Then it was off to see Captain America at the movie theatre in American Fork! Such a great movie!

Cake that evening with the family!

My outloud wish this year ..."peace in the world... and all of africa's children to be fed!"

The kids liked my wish, and I know it will come true because I blew out all of my candles on the first try!

Even the neighbor girl was there to join in on the festivities of the cake-eating part! Loved my party!!

What a fun birthday this year! So many family and friends wished me a "happy birthday" by calling, or texting, or facebooking messages to me. Lots of love spread my way, and it was fun!

I told Jay that I love turning older and it's because I expect to be getting wiser one of these years!