Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Hogle Zoo!!!

Decided to go enjoy a day at the Zoo a couple weeks ago :)

Here's Jay and Shaun with baby Macy
Trey loved seeing all the neat dinosaurs there at the zoo

Kim and Macy Hailey, Kim, and Kassidy

Brooklyn, Trey, Hailey, and Megan
Kolbs having a bit too much fun at the zoo!! :)
These were so cool!!! I love crocodiles!
Kim took this picture! Soooo neat!
The kids loved hanging out at the zoo! It was great weather too, it rained off and on keeping us cooled down on that hot summer day :)
I love this picture of Trey and Megan!!!
me and Macy!
We are planning to go back to the zoo very very soon again!!!