Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Jay's big day!!

July has been such a busy month with so many fun things happening ...that I am just behind in posting them all!! But, tonight, I decided to get a few fun pics on to share!!

We had so much fun celebrating Jay's 38 year old birthday on July 6th!!!

The kids all helped me with a fun surprise party for Jay!! They all decorated and wrapped presents and waited for Jay to walk through the door!!!!.....

These were all the presents that Jay got from all of us! (they were all individually wrapped...and each time he opened one, we would "oooohhhhh and aaaaahhhhh"...hahahaha) It was so fun!
For Jay's birthday, we had dinner with the kids at none other than his favorite place in Utah Valley....PURPLE TURTLE!!
We also had fun going to the golf course and hitting some balls! Trey and Megan came with Jay and I. Those kids are very talented!!! It was so much fun!

(I had pics of Trey hitting the golfball, but can't find them now! I'm afraid I didn't get it saved)
Kims kids had fun giving Jay "old Man" for his birthday!! He loved it and we play the game all the time now! So funny!
We had a fun time celebrating with Jay! I love him sooooo very much!!!