Thursday, July 21, 2011

July Fun In Cedar City !!

Packed and heading on down to Cedar for a weekend full of fun!

Our 4th of July weekend in Cedar City started off with Lexi's baptism!!

Lexi and the whole family was SO excited!!! We were so happy for her :)

Here are the proud mama's of the night taking pictures of their girls who were all three baptized

This is my good friend Angie. It is always fun to see her when I stop in to Cedar. It was fun that her daughter was getting baptized the same night as Lexi!

Mom and Dad were so great to spontaneously pose after the baptism for a few pictures out front of their house for my camera! I just love these photos!!

We had such a yummy dinner at mom's house. Alisha prepared an awesome meal for us all to enjoy. And then Sheri added to it with these cookies that just happen to be Jay's very favorite kind!!

I love to always come home. It's home with the sound of the basketball bouncing and a game underway out in the front yard :) Lexi had a fun party to open presents after her baptism!

The rest of the weekend was full of fun cousin time and lots of action as the 4th of July took off!!

The night before the parade, Bruce and Jeannette came to stay in Cedar and enjoy the fun with us! They came for a BBQ to mom's house and then all the cousins joined them back at their motel swimming pool for lots of water time!

After swimming, we rushed back to grandma graf's house to grab our fireworks and light them all off up the street at the school parking lot!! What an awesome firework show!! The kids loved it!

The 4th morning always starts with the cannons shooting off at 6am to wake up the town and those of us in the 7th ward hurry to get ready to go and eat a yummy breakfast at the church parking lot. Dad was serving this year!!!

After breakfast, we rushed off to get our seats at the parade!! It was such a fun parade :)

Sher, Raquel, Jeannette, Bruce, and Jay
Kim, Macy, Sher, and Raquel
Kim, Macy, and Dad
My sweetie
Trey was happy that they were throwing all kinds of yummy treats in the parade. was a perfect parade day with those clouds covering the sky!! We loved not having the sun beat us down this year!! (It wasn't even cold, but Trey was still wearing his jacket from the early morning breakfast)

Alisha, Nate, Donna, and Ry
Kim and me
Meags, Trey, Hailey, Shaun, and Macy
Jayme and Kolbs playing cards during the parade!
Dad was happy that they were passing out flowers in the parade!
Brooklyn, Jess, and Nicole

AND...a few favorite highlights of our weekend....

This is the "wall of MUSH" in mom's kitchen!

SMORES were a favorite of all!! Meagan sporting how to eat a yummy sticky one!
enjoying late night fireworks after playing nightgames in mom's backyard
Going to the new Cedar aquatic center and watching the kids all swim!
(here is Kass, Cheyenne, Dad, and Shaylee)

Trey sliding off a fun over-turned boat in the water
Another fun thing was bumping into one of trey's best friends from Cedar (Christian) at the pizza factory. Trey had blue snowcone teeth and lips! :)
Also a favorite thing that weekend for the kids was to take turns on tylers electric scooter!!
This was a new favorite highlight this year at the park fun after the parade. It is a guy holding a big cross and with a loud speaker-microphone telling us all about dooms-day for when the world is over. (Ry is posing behind him for a quick picture!)
Oh, we love 4th of July in Cedar City each year! There are always new memories to be made each and every year.

Can't wait until next year!!......