Tuesday, July 26, 2011

lazy summer days....

These are a bunch of random fun pics from over the past few weeks....

This picture was taken at bedtime to send to Kass and Jayme (via cell phone text) to show them how warm we all were in our beds while they were out freezing in their girls camp tents! It worked...they were jealous!! :)

I got to meet up with a good friend of mine, Kirsten, who lives really close to Kim's house here in Lehi. She and I went to her house and made lunch one day. It was so fun to chat and catch up!
The kids love to play and find random fun outside all day long. This particular day, they decided to "chill" outside on chairs in the pool :)
Dinnertime :)
One hot afternoon, a few weeks ago, we met up with Barbara, and kids to have fun at a water park!!
Nicole and Heidi at the water park

This is one of Trey's new friends here, his name is Adam
Another new friend of Trey's, his name is Brandtson.
BBQ for dinner while the kids play on the deck
This is Trey's arm at the Lehi day's. It is a crocodile eating a kangaroo!
Megan's art work on her arm is a great white shark!!! so fun!
At the museum for Lehi Days!

The kids loved watching the bird show at the museum too...

They had fun posing like they were miserable in jail!!
Kim and Macy laughing!
Hailey made a cool owl!
I love this picture of Jayme with her new hair cut/color! So pretty!
This is at the Lehi parade
Jay and Trey at a carnival up by Layton in June!

I love that Trey has such a fun imagination and is always finding fun things to do each day this summer! He is a soldier!
He is a cowboy getting bucked off!

We are having a fun summer together!