Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Utah Lake!!

Last saturday, Brian called and said they had spontaneously decided to go out to the lake and have some FUN! They were calling around and inviting everyone to come with them and enjoy the hot summer day!

Trey was in HEAVEN! (jayme missed out since she was too sunburned from the previous day and I didn't want her to get anymore sun...she was sooooo disappointed to have missed out on the fun of the day)
Kassidy, Sharla, Kolby, and Brandon
Sharla and I excited for the fun adventure!
Bri, Mike, Kass, and Kolbs enjoying the show behind the boat!
Brandon, Matt, and Kolby giving us the best show!!
Brian surfing!!! I ran out of battery and couldn't take anymore pics on my phone but there were other great shots being taken from other phone cameras too!!

Kass and Shaun watching the fun behind the boat
Shuan, Brooklyn, and Kassidy getting pulled
Trey FLYING!!!
Brandon, Matt, and Kolby (this is before they actually started)

shaun, B, and Kass

Mike having a great time!

Trey loved the ride!!

Kassidy is in this one! That was another wild ride and all fell out except Kolby!
Here is Kolby celebrating that he was able to hold on and not fall out!!!
A wild ride for Trey's group!! So fun!
That was such a fun day!!! Thanks to Bri, Sharla, and Brandon for taking us all out and showing us such a great time!

After leaving the lake...Kims & Shauns family packed quick to go on an overnight stay in a cabin. And, Jay took me and the kids up to Layton for some golfing and a bridal shower party that night. Then the next day Jay took our little family on a two night camping trip to Joes Valley!! I'll post pics soon :)