Thursday, August 4, 2011

Chamberlain Family Reunion!

A week ago, my mom and her siblings gathered us all together for a fun reunion in Orem.

Heres a picture of them with their spouses

Mom was in charge of putting on the reunion this year, so she had all us kids help and do our parts. When mom got there, her sister gave her the "leader" hat to wear :)
My sister-in-law, Donna standing next to my nephew, Kyle and his wife, Michelle. Their kids are so cute!
Me with my cousins
My sister-in-law, Sharla holding her grandbaby
My nephew, Justin, just arrived home from his mission the day before our family reunion! He was fun to visit with there.
Jay posing with me for a quick picture
Trey sitting by his cousins
Me with more of my cousins
Me standing by my sister, Sheri. We are posing for pictures with our cousins and aunt Sherrie Misel.

Dad with my cousin, Kevin
my two brothers Ryan and Curt---standing by my uncle John Misel
Jayme smiling so pretty!
My brother mike next to my mom
My dad standing by my sister and my cousin
me with my cousins and my aunt Lucille
Jayme loves to do hair! Here she is with Kassidy
Kim, baby Macy, and I
My dad and my uncle Brent
Mom and Dad
Curt and Sydna's family
mom with her siblings

My brother Mike with his wife, Barbara. They did a great job with the reunion games!!
Me and Mom
Playing games!

I won the dice game!!! Yay!!
Me and my cousin
Kim and Mom
More games!

Look at my cousin, David, landing on his face after the tug of war!!!
Alisha is pulling so hard to try and win!
Nate and Ryan
Kolby borrowing the "leader" hat!
Yummy cold treats were heaven-sent!
Me with my cousins
My sister, Steph, her two girls, and my sister-in-in law, Sydna
uncles, aunts, cousins....
I was getting a kick out of watching the volleyball fun!
Sweet picture of Ry getting the ball over!
Sher, not sure if she wants to hit that ball or RUN!

Nicole winning the sack races!!

3-leg races!
My sister-in-law, Alisha helping her daughter, Kylie in the race
My two nieces

My aunt Sheri with my sister, Stephanie
My nieces
Mom visiting with my uncle and my aunt
My niece and nephew
My brother, Mike playing games with the little kids

My sister-in-law, Alisha with my cousin, Angie

This link shows how awesome I was playing and winning the dice game! hee hee, I didn't know that my cousins wife was recording. But, she sent this to me and it is fun.....enjoy!!/video/?id=1538323556

Can't wait until the next reunion!!