Monday, August 22, 2011

I love summer weddings!....and baptisms!....and baby blessings! :)

We moved up north in enough time this past summer to join in on a couple of Jay's cousins weddings. It was so much fun to go and be a part of the celebrations!

This is Bailee's wedding dinner (the night before she was married). My cell phone pics will have to suffice....
It was a very nice dinner with yummy mexican type foods! We had fun sitting by family and chatting...

We were on the 18th floor in a building across the street from the SLC was such a fun view!

This is a picture of the wedding couple the very next day...but Jay and I weren't able to attend and so I borrowed this picture from Tammy's blog :)

This is Jay's other cousin, Monica, with Ryan. This picture was actually taken at Baileys wedding dinner as they sat at our table that evening. It's so cute of them!
Monica's wedding dinner was at the Joseph Smith building next to the temple and my cell phone captured a tiny bit of how pretty of a view we had on the floor we were on. I LOVE the temple shining in the night!

Monica's wedding was the next morning...which was Jay and my 16th WEDDING ANNIVERSARY!! It was really special to be there in the temple watching these two get sealed for eternity. I LOVED being reminded of Jay and my promises as we listened to the temple sealer say those beautiful words in the temple ceremony.

When Jay and I got home that evening, Jayme and I quick ran to her back to-school night at her new school.
Later that evening, Jay and I decided we weren't done celebrating our wedding anniversary quite we ran over to Texas Road House and enjoyed some yummy appitzers and dessert (we didn't want to order dinner since it was sooooo late at night). It was so fun to be spontaneous and just enjoy a little quiet time together. I forgot to take pics of the yummy appitizers. But, here's Jay's drink which was my favorite and wished I would have ordered it!

That weekend, we had a good experience being with our nephew, Rylund, who g0t baptized and also see his new little sister's baby blessing. Fun to be with all the family too :)
Jay gave a talk at Rylunds baptism and I wish I would have taken more pics of all the family that was there. But, glad I got a few pics...

We've had such a busy summer with lots of time spent with family on Jay's side and also on my side. Glad to live so much closer to our northern utah relatives :) Spending time with the family is the best!

And, Jay and I are so excited to have celebrated our 16th year being married! Jay is my best friend, he is the only person that can completely calm me when I'm frantic or thinking that things in life are too serious. He is the only person that can make me laugh at myself in many moments throughout the day! He is such a calm personality and also so grounded with such a good sense of perspective. He is genuine in everything he does. I am more than so lucky to have him in my life now and also for every eternal moment! I love him so much!!