Monday, August 8, 2011

Random bits of summer....

I get to play with Macy and watch her growing up so fast!
Megan and Rachel had a sleepover and they played "House" with baby Macy!
Trey is loving having play time with his northern cousins :)

I tried getting a darker color put on my hair!
It went darker than I had origionally anticipated!
So much fun to be a darker version of myself....but Yikes!
But, it's fun and I'm in the process of bringing a little lighter weave through it so that I can stop penciling in my eyebrows :)

The kids are always finding random bits of fun throughout the days each day.
Macy is enjoying an indoor pool!
Macy loves the water....and soon was only in her diaper and splashing around in the water :)
Jayme and Kass are having a BALL spending time together this summer...
On this particular day, they were at the Mall just window shopping and being silly :)

This past weekend, we went over to Greg and Stephanie's house (Jay's cousins) for a fun Pizza/Movie night!
Here's the kids...
Jay, Greg, Stephanie, and me
There house was so pretty and they had a really fun movie room that we loved!

Trey trying to decide which seat he wanted to choose...
The kids...
Greg and Jay
So much fun with them and we can't wait to watch another movie together:)

Well, school starts in a couple weeks and we are all gearing up to get ready for it. Life will become a bit busier soon!!!....