Tuesday, August 2, 2011


These past several weeks have been busy with fun bridal and baby showers!

This was a double-shower for Jay's cousins Bailey and Monica...it was at Tammy's house (Jay's sister) in Layton.

Tam did a great job and it looked way pretty (more than my pictures show!)

Here are the two brides-to-be....

Tammy holding Amy's new darling baby
These are sisters-in-law to one of the new brides-to-be :)

Me, Kristen, Jeannette, and Megan
Jeannette with her sister-in-law, Cyd
Me, Annie, and Kristen
Tammy's camera had a lot more pictures of those that were there at the shower...I was just using my cellphone camera and the battery burned out. So, I missed getting more pics :(

This is Ashley's baby shower that her mom did for her...
Ashley, such a cute expecting mother!
Kim and Sydna
My nieces, Heidi and Crysta
Jayme in line for some yummy treats...
cousins: Kassidy, Jayme, and Erin
me with Ashley

Kim with the girls playing a fun baby shower game...
Barbara did such a great job hosting the party!!
the parents to be, Matt and Ashley!
"Star of Mommy's Blog" bib!!! perfect gift! :)
I love showers, especially in the summertime! Too much fun!