Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Welcome home Elder Graf !!!!

We were so excited and anxious as we waited for our missionary to walk into the room!!!

This is andrea....Elder Graf's girlfriend!! So pretty!
We were all so excited when we first saw Justin that I ended up with a shaky, blurry picture!
Justin hugging his mom
I missed the shot of Justin hugging his dad...so I had them pose quick for me a few minutes later!
Justin hugging his sister, Angie
Andrea was so nervous and excited to see Justin and have him back home again!

This is Justin's house after his homecoming on Sunday
Angie was entertaining our table with a fun story...

Justin with Andrea and her parents

Angie and Sheri

Sharla hosted an awesome homecoming dinner for Justin and all who gathered in her home!
Sharla's sister and mom
my cute nieces...

my mom holding grandaughter, Macy

Shaun and Jay
Kimmi and Shaun
Crysta with trey and Kaitlyn
Nate, Alisha, Jay
Heidi and Nicole
me with Cheyenne
This was a fun short video from the airport with Justin (you'll have to "pause" my blog music so you can hear Justin on this video)

We love Justin and are SO happy to have him home again with all of us!!