Saturday, September 3, 2011

Moments That Matter Most

Wow, I really did Love this so much!

Sometimes I get that feeling that rushes over me to JUST SLOW DOWN! It's then that I realize that I am usually not even really breathing very deeply and am very tense. I just take a big deep breath and actually look up just a couple of inches and see the mountains in the distance, the beautiful sky, and realize that it's such a GREAT DAY before me! I try and take a moment to enjoy the amazing peacefulness that is all around me before I get on with my busy day!

(I have several posts ahead and was just catching up on posting a few fun pics, as well as, some awesome uplifting video messages that I've been enjoying lately!'ll have to mute my music on my blog to hear the videos though. I've moved my music to the top of my blog, right sidebar, so that it's easier to find it and "pause" it)