Saturday, October 15, 2011

Family Home Evening

It was my idea to just go and do something totally spontaneous spooky and fun for our FHE this week! I gathered my two kids up and said, "hop in the car! We're going to the Halloween store for our fun FHE tonight!". The Kids were SO excited and all went well .....until we got there!

Trey was completely freaked out!!!
This was his face through most of the store that entire time we were in there!!
I tried to make "light" of it all and tried to show him that it's all just fun and games in there!
.....even the SPOOKY GUYS!!

....Trey still wasn't convinced that it's was just "fun and games" though....
Jayme helped out by having a bit of fun with us

Soon, I realized that Trey wasn't so nervous anymore...
....he was having a ball!!!...and he'd forgotten about all that gore and guts!....that is....until....
THIS GUY!!!!! AHHHHHHH!!! (rats eating people in the sewer is NEVER a good thing!)
Trey slept in my bedroom that night.