Wednesday, October 19, 2011

OCTOBER has been pretty spooky so far!

These pics are a little out of order...but I didn't mind too just enjoy! I thought they were such cute pics!

Trey.... the Skeleton.... at Lagoon during UEA break!

Jayme's turn to be a skeleton!
Kim and Shaun took their family to a fun day at Lagoon yesterday...and invited my two kids along! The day was perfect weather and the kids said it was too much fun! In the meantime, I relaxed at home and got caught up on lots of stuff. Jay enjoyed his day at work :)

Trey and Megan put on a fun Spook Alley in the home a few days ago. They dressed up and scared us as we walked down the hallway and into certain rooms! They did a great job!

Trey and Jayme decorated pumpkins at our house a few nights ago. They had such a fun time being creative!

Trey's school did a halloween carnival a week ago. Our family got to help with the haunted house for an hour. Then, we walked around and enjoyed the rest of the carnival. Trey loved getting his hair sprayed crazy colors. And, we did some face painting there too :)
Oh, here's jaymes pumpkin sitting next to Trey's pumpkin!

At school this week, the moms got to come and help our kiddos with making spooky GHOSTS in their 4th grade classroom. Trey and I had fun together!

Trey wanted to show me the inside of his school desk! Here it is!! I loved my school desk when I was his age too :)

Here's Trey and Megan dressed up for their spook Alley that they did for us at the house. Don't they look scary?!!!

Jayme with her cute!