Saturday, October 1, 2011

Random cute pics of the kids...

This is such a fun one of Kassidy and Trey! So cute!

Trey is 9 years old and is loving his busy life full of friends and fun :)
This is one of his best-friends, Chase
This is part of our every morning routine. Here is Trey on the rip-stick at the school on his way to his class. Trey is doing so well in school and he is learning so many things this year. He has lots of new friends and has settled in fast! Its fun to be there with him each day, as I get to work at the school also.

The Zoo is one of our favorite places to go together as a family!
on the train together! I love my Trey!!

SCOUTS is also a really fun thing for Trey this year. He has a fantastic group and all his best friends are in there with him. He is doing so well in scouts!!
Here he is with the CUBS stamp officially on the back of his scout shirt (part of the initiation as a scout member in this new church ward we are in)
Trey was excited to play the game at the last Pack meeting. The boy opposite him was so shy that he needed some help in playing the game. It was putting a smile on my face to know that there is someone out there in the world that is even more shy than Trey!! :)
Trey was not even nervous to play the game and he was quick to volunteer and to answer the questions so fast to help his team get points!
I love this picture that Kassidy took of Trey

Trey is a HUGE BYU FAN!!! Here he is on Megans bed (playing candyland with her) but posing quick for me while we are excited about BYU's most recent game and their awesome win!!!)

Rooting for Kolby in highschool football is one of Trey's favorite activities this fall!
Trey loves to get hotdogs at the games

We like to visit downtown Salt Lake City sometimes as we are close by after visiting the Zoo.
This is at the Conference Center a few weeks ago. The kids were so impressed by this special building! It was neat to see how big the conference center was and to talk about the upcoming General Conference. The kids were excited to think about the prophet and apostles being in that exact same building!!

This is up on the conference center roof....way way way cool up there!
Trey looking from inside out at the water fall

JAYME is such a pretty girl and growing up so fast these days!
We love her fun teenage life and are excited to see what else this year brings her way. She is doing really well in school and having fun making new friends!

This fun picture was snapped at Ashleys baby shower a while ago. We love our family!
Kass and cute!

This is at the conference center

Here is Jayme at Lagoon a couple months ago with friends and also her cousin Taryn

Jayme with a couple of her best friends from St. George at Lagoon (Chelsea and Cassidy)
I love this picture of Jayme. I can't believe how fast she is growing up!
Here is Jayme and Kassidy with friends at the Taylor Swift concert in Salt Lake City a week ago.
Silly girls!
Jayme with her cousin, Taryn, at Lagoon!
This is Jayme a year ago with one of her best friends from Cedar City (Megan). I love that Jayme has such good friends from Southern Utah! She keeps in touch with her friends and goes to visit them whenever we are in town.
This picture was taken last year at Jayme's old Cedar City middle school with some good friends in their last day of school. This is the school Jayme use to go to when we lived in Cedar. The schools in St. George would get out a week before Cedar City's schools and so for the past two years that we lived in St. George, Jayme would attend the last day of her school ----and then a week later go up and sleep over at her friends house and attend the last day of school up with her Cedar friends. So much fun! She loves all her friends!! Moving has been a hard thing for her. She hates to make such good friends and then have to leave them. I'll put a few pics of that day on here:

This is a year ago has taken me too long to get it blogged, but I didn't want to forget to finally get it posted. This is an award that Jayme (and a small group of kids) won. She got to go on a field trip to SUU in Cedar City (from St. George) to the school awards ceremony.
Jayme was being camera shy!
We are proud of her and all her talents and abilities!

Hogle Zoo fun with Trey!
Jayme with her dad!
I love my Jayme!
This is at one of Kolbys football games! Jayme with her friend, Gabby and also Kass!!

We have lots more pics of the kids, of course, but just posted a few that were easy to find and paste in the blog!
We love our kids and are excited to see them have more awesome experiences the rest of this year :)