Sunday, November 6, 2011

October was FULL of fun...Hold on for tons of pics from that busy month...


Jayme, Jay, and Trey went to this particular BYU game. Jayme took these fun pics of Trey with his cousin Rylund. Those two cousins are so dang cute!!

Ward Halloween Party

Here's Jayme with her favorite friend, Landon

The ward party was so much fun with lots of food and games. Here's the dance-off!!

Trey with one of his best friends, Chase
Jayme and Kass

Cabin Party/BYU Game Night!!

Can you see Trey with these big boys?

Kass and Shaylee

Trey had such a fun time with the cousins
Krista and Heidi

Pumpkin Drop

Jay's brother, Kyle, weighing one of his giant pumpkins at Hee Haw Farms

Tammy and I having fun watching Kyle as he puts on quite a show for the crowd....dropping giant pumpkins into pools of water, a car, and many other misc. objects! Super entertaining!!

Trey doing a flip into the hay
Adam and Annie
Annie, Kristen, and me
Kyle and Carrie
Bruce, Jeannette, and Grandpa Wood

Trey and Rylund kneeling down while watching the giant pumpkin get dropped
Grandpa Wood with some of the great-grandkids there that day

Jay, Kyle, and their dad

Annie and I
Tammy and Jackson
The kids getting to ride up 75 feet and drop their pumpkins!!
Joelie with her pumpkin

Trey and Rylund on the smashed car!

Gage and Jayme

School on Halloween Day

Trey's school did a fun parade of costumes. This is Trey's teacher!
Trey in the halloween parade as a BYU football player!
My friend and co-worker at the school, Carrie!
Me, Ann, and Carrie (Recess Duty Guards)
My friend, Kirsten is a kindergarten teacher there at the school

Kass and Jayme were "excused" from school to come and see the elementary costume parade. Here's Kass with our friend and my co-worker, Michelle.

Megan and recess with her best friend
Me and Kirsten
Me and my friend, Rachel (the Resource teacher)
My friend, Jeana, the Librarian

Trick Or Treating

Hailey with her friend
Me and Kim

Trey enjoyed his halloween candy so much that his tooth fell out on Halloween night!!

What a crazy, fun, busy month October was!!

We had a lot to do and enjoyed every minute of it :)