Tuesday, December 20, 2011

December is going ...going...almost gone!....

My camera broke and I really am, now, only left with a cell phone camera. It is not the best...but at least it captures a bit of our December going-on's! :)
The kids (Kims and mine) decorated my christmas tree for me this year! I loved it!

We went to the FESTIVAL OF TREES this year.

We loved all the creative decorated trees! The decorated gingerbread houses! And the christmas treats and entertainment!One of my favorite trees there. It is from the Christmas Story. They had a little boy on top of the tree with his tongue stuck to the flag pole! And they had a lamp-light! Loved this tree!!This was one of many neat gingerbread houses! This is Repunzle!! ANOTHER FUN THING WE DID:

...was go to Brooklyn's dance recital! She did such a great job dancing! Kass probably has lots better photos of this and I need to steal some from her! But, this one is cute, it's of Kass and Brooklyn on stage :)


But, first, we stopped across the street at Deseret Book and bought bag fulls of candy and hot chocolate so that we had a treat to walk around with as we saw all the pretty lights! We had sooo much fun!!This was so cool. It is the Nativity scene in the middle of a pond of water. It was so pretty! Too bad my picture doesn't capture it!This was the first bag-pipe playing Santa Clause I've ever seen! funny!Jayme took a quick picture of Jay, Trey, and I. WE HAD A FUN NORTHERN-GRAF PARTY WITH SHERI'S FAMILY!The party was at Curt and Sydna's house! We all had such a great time!

Look!...Kyle and Michelle's family was there too!Justin and Andrea were so cute and they even took the "stage" for a few minutes and told us detail by detail of their engagment story!!Pixie came that night too...but my phone camera wouldn't catch that quick elf in action!!...blur!


Here's some of Grandma Darlene's famous desserts!!We had the party at Jay and my church. It was perfect for the gathering! The boys had fun shooting some baskets while the rest of us were entertained with eating and taking pictures!

The kids also had a fun Bingo game!

Look at these cute girls!! Yes...we totally brought Kassidy along with us to the party! We wanted all the Nielson crew to come...but were thrilled for Kass to come and represent her family!! Kass is part of the Mills-Fox family too!!Tammy, Taryn, and Grandma Darlene.Kyle and CarrieSome of the cousins with Aunt AnnieGage with Jayme and KassAdam and Jay
Carrie, Kristen, and Grandma DarleneAdam and AnnieJay and my table (Mike & Kristen, Carrie & Kyle, Mike & Tammy)
cousins table (Kass, Jayme, Joelie, Jaycie, Gage, Taryn, and Cecily)Grandma Darlene, Jim, Jeannette, David (jeannette's brother), Amanda (David's daughter)and her cute kidsAmy, Jerry (Jeannetter's brother) & Amber, and their cute kidsMe and AnnieSister-in-laws! Tammy, Amy, Kristen, Annie, and me (we are missing Carrie who had to leave early)Jeannetter, Tam, me, Amy, Kristen, Annie, and GrandmaThe whole family all together!!!And, I wanted to add these pictures in! Jayme and Kass are, often, taking fun, random pics! I love all the pics they take...so fun!! Here's a few very recent ones...This is Jayme with a friend at their school of recentlyJayme with another friend at her school recentlyAND WE HAD FAMILY PICTURES TAKEN!

Kass was our awesome photographer! We spontaneously did these pictures last night before Jay had to quick leave for school....and it was so much fun!Well, there's alittle bit of December! We were busy with a few other things as well. We had a fun ward christmas party that Jayme, Kass, and me got to decorate for! We should have taken some pictures...it was such a nice party! We are excited to be on christmas break from school!!!! Christmas is right around the corner now! We can't wait!