Monday, December 5, 2011


November kicked off to a great start with a party!

Kim turned 40 on November 8th!! I took pictures of the big bash with all the northern GRAFS but my pictures were lost when my camera broke and so I sadly couldn't post them :(
But, I did have this one at least!!
The month of November also brought ...TIME OUT FOR WOMEN !

Kim and I went along with some of her neighborhood friends. We carpooled both days of the event and had such a great time. It was in Salt Lake City.

Kims best friend, Laurel, was there with some of her St. George friends who she car pooled with. We were so excited to meet up with her and chat for a few minutes.
These are some of kims neighbor friends that we were with.Enjoying a lunch at the Lion House.

THANKSGIVING was at Kims house
She bought a trampoline, quick, and the kids had so much fun setting it up and bouncing to their heart's desire.
The busy kitchen....
The boys watched the cowboys game (Jay was so excited to support his team!)

Megan was so excited about wearing her new contact lens!Trey happy sitting at the "kids table" and enjoying his food :)
Kim and Shaun pulled off a yummy thanksgiving dinner!The cousins had fun

This Novemeber we also were able to attend one of Trey's best friend's (from Cedar City) baptism. His name is Tayson and he was baptized Thanksgiving weekend up here in Provo
November was a busy month and we were very involved in many more things of which we didn't capture with the camera. But, I'm glad we got a few memories on film that we could share ;)