Friday, January 20, 2012


Last saturday we took the kids up north to spend some fun family time together.
Here's Trey and Jayme in the car ride on the way up...

We went to the airplane museum at Hill Airforce Base
We had so much fun looking at all the different kinds of airplanes!!!  There were tons I didn't even take a picture of ...but were totally picture-worthy.

When I saw this one I immediately thought of "tight like unto a dish..."

SR-71 was the fastest aircraft in the sky

Atomic Bomb


I loved this scull, way cool!


The missles were right there ready to be dropped!

Trey loved this replica of airplanes in battle on this cliff


What a fun time this was!! Trey loved it all!

Jayme also liked the neat artwork displayed

The picnic tables underneath this one wing shows how big this plane was!!

Jay took us to dinner at Chucky Cheese and it was soooo yummy and fun! The kids loved all the arcade games!

Trey hadn't been to chucky cheese and Jayme has only been a couple times when she was little. It is a fun arcade place for sure! I loved the pizza there too!!
I love family date night!!