Sunday, January 8, 2012

Here's the christmas camera!  I love it!!
More December pics.....
Jay and Shaun on christmas day

Macy christmas morning!

This was One of Trey's favorite christmas gifts! A remote control helecopter!

Trey loved his shark pillow! It's attaking him here...

My cute nieces!
Matt, my nephew earned his eagle!

proud parents!

In the eagles nest!

We went to the Zoo for part of our family date yesterday!

This monkey kept banging on the glass trying to get Trey's attention any time Trey turned around! It was funny
The animals were all indoors pretty much! They were all pretty active too

Jay and I kept saying how neat it was to be there
during the winter time. So different!
We enjoyed warming up in-doors as we viewed
all the animals. The kids loved our day there!

We loved the pretty snow dusted trees!

beautiful Jayme

All the lion drinking fountains were covered

It was actually a beautiful day at the zoo!
The scenery was so gorgeous!
And there wasn't any wind!!! yay! 
It was funny how we totally had the place all
to ourselves that afternoon :)

After the zoo, we went to Dinner and a Movie
(our christmas present from Stephs family this year!
such a great time!
We saw "Tin Tin" and ate at Applebees...yum!)