Friday, January 13, 2012

Our little family enjoyed spending New Years holiday in Nevada!! We arrived at Grandma/Grandpa Fox's house in the evening time and got to see their pretty holiday decorations as we pulled up and parked our car
We enjoyed the fun time and the SUN!
Trey and I enjoyed just sitting back and soaking in the heat from the sun

Trey enjoyed sunny, warm days to play in the sand box out back

Jayme is taller than grandma now so we had to take a picture! Jay was teasing that in this picture, it resembles Frodo and Gandalf from Lord of The Rings! He likes to tease that his mom is not too tall :)

We decided to make Grandma feel better... so we let her stand next to Trey who is still shorter than her....for now ;)
Grandpa Fox TOWERS over the both of them!! :)

I recorded Trey talking into the camera for a long 10 minute time! Then after he left, I realized that it actually hadn't been recording...oops! Trying to get Trey to re-record wasn't successful ;) He kept his next interview short to say the least ;)
Trey got a fun Tatoo in Mesquite during one of our fun days there

Jayme found these nice pictures of Grandma and Grandpa Fox

This picture kills me! I love how Jay looks like he has to go to the bathroom! But it is still such a cute, darling picture off them all!

Grandpa has such fun with fires in his backyard and Trey was SO excited about this! He loves to help Grandpa burn the trash outback!

Grandpa gave Trey a good idea to bring some of his army guys to burn in the fire also! So fun

Trey decided to take funny pictures with my new camera! This one was my favorite one! ...Then Trey decided to take some other fun pics around the house...see the pics below!...

I decided to pose in some of Trey's pics!

Jayme in her new christmas shirt
So, we had a good time bringing in the new year of 2012!  We know that this new year will bring many good things!!  What we learned from last year, 2011,  is that we are most grateful for our family and for the gospel of Jesus Christ! We know that anything else in life is just a bonus!