Friday, February 10, 2012

Catching you up with our neck of the woods....

The January and February months have been busy and full of lots of going-on's.
I remembered to grab my camera a couple of times and capture a bit....
These two (Megan and Trey) were fun to watch as they made a snowman a couple weeks ago!

Trey loves to take his toys out and line them up on the rocks to play.

We have had such a mild winter that when it did snow a couple weeks ago...the kids took every opportunity to enjoy every minute of it! They played from after school...until dark! :)

Trey and Megans hands were warmed up with cups of hot chocolate :)
Megan and Trey made a yummy treat at home

We fell in love with these GIGANTIC doughnuts on a trip to the grocery store after school on day!

The kids enjoying their treats!
 WE HAD A SPONTANEOUS VALENTINES PARTY AND GOODBYE PARTY FOR SHAY ( she leaves for jobcorp in a week and she is so excited. We wanted to celebrate with her)
Valentines sugar cookies...yum!  This is Jayme's

Haley, Jayme, and Sierra took some sugarcookies and lasagna over to Kassidy who was babysitting for the neighbor.

Megan, Shay, and Brooklyn enjoying watching the movie "Enchanted"

Jayme with her yummy cookie

We had fun spending time with Shay before she leaves for Jobcorp next weekend

Macy enjoying her first bites of lasagna

Macy partied a little TOO hard at our valentines girls-night! She still has lasagna leftovers on her lips!

Cheesecake that Shay made, it was so good!

Shay is so cute and I love her new haircut!!

Kim, Brooklyn, Shay, and Megan

The girls going out to have some fun outside!