Sunday, February 26, 2012

Lots of Love and lots of giving...and also lots of getting!!

Valentines night found us with this kind of entertainment...Trey in a game of SOCK WARS against his big sister Jayme.

Trey was creaming can be seen by this picture of the socks flying in mid-air toward jayme!

 Valentines Day was good. It was a regular day with the kids in school and Jay and I working.
 But, because of the holiday... there was a feeling of excitment in the air for each of us.
We woak up that morning and gave the kids their valentines from us (a bit of candy)

Trey went off to school with his bag of valentines to pass out to his classmates and teachers...and he was excited to be bringing that same bag home... full of valentines given to him. Jay and I are always excited about the bag Trey brings home too...YUM! The valentine Trey was most excited about getting was from his 4th grade crush...Annie...and he was not disappointed :)

Jayme came home from school with a valentine given to her from a boy in her school. He gave her a "valogram" ...a rose and a very nice handwritten card. Also, unbeknown to her, was an extra valentine waiting at home for her from her dad! He always gets Jayme and me flowers. But it is always a fun surprise for Jayme.
Here's Jayme's flowers

I came home from work with a valentine waiting for me from and yummy treats!

Here's Trey's stash! We always love reading each valentine from his classmates. Elementary school is the best time of life!

Jayme was being shy for pictures....AGAIN!.... that girl!

Later that evening, Jay and I went out to Texas Roadhouse for a private dinner. It was a lovely date :)  Then, we came home to finish partying with all the kids! We enjoyed these yummy treats that kim and I had made. And we had banana split !  The kids watched Lady and the Tramp for the romantic movie of choice :)

Here's a cute picture of my little guy valentines evening. Speaking of Trey....

the month of February also brought another party to our house!  Trey's birthday celebration!

Trey turned 10 years old this month and decided to have a small party with just a few of his favorite school friends. I love the cake he picked out this year...a LION!

I was surprised to open the door as each boy arrived to the party and see that each and every boy came in carrying two things... a gift for Trey and a gun!  I soon learned that Trey had told each of these friends during school to make sure to bring a nerf gun so they could have gun wars!

I thought this was the cutest thing ever and so I quick got a plan together. I made targets and put these boys to work on a competition. This proved to be a great plan!

I decided that if the boys hit the "animal" would be worth an amazing amount of points! This kept the boys focused on the big win. And, it proved to be almost impossible to actually hit this furry-tailed target. Such fun!

Opening presents was super fun for Trey and he was gifted like it was Christmas all over again!

Jayme loved helping to give her little brother his birthday spankings! This is the only time in the whole year that she doesn't get into trouble for being mean to her brother!

For dinner, The whole house joined together to accompany Trey to JCW's for yummy hamburger and fries. Trey was feeling like a pretty lucky kid!

The Nielson clan surprised Trey after dinner with fun birthday gifts!!!

                          And we decided to have some more CAKE! 

                              .....and blow out some more candles!!...

                                           Trey posing for a picture with his birthday things

Trey ended the night with his dad enjoying a game with him.

The month of February has given us lots of excuses to let our loved ones know that we LOVE them!