Sunday, March 4, 2012

After work and school...we come home and PARTY!

Last week, Kim had a fun spontaneous idea to go to the movie for Family Home Evening! She called and a few of the cousins were able to come too!

                     We saw Arietty. It was cute and we giggled a lot.
                              Andrea's bridal shower was a fun gathering!
 Andrea played a fun game that Angie had put together about Justin
 The party decorations were so cute and the food was delicious!

 I won these yummy treats from the game we played
Steph won this basket of treats from the game!

                                        Sydna won this basket of treats too!

                        Nicole and Jordan were able to stop by too!
                                           Justin and Andrea are so cute!

 Andrea and her brother-in-law to be, Brandon, get along so well!

                                                    Merilyn is adorable!
 The twins, Megan and Hailey, turned 12 years old this past week

 They invited a few friends over to the house to help them celebrate

              We sure have been having fun with family lately ;)