Sunday, March 4, 2012


 Shaun had a work meeting down in California this past week for a few days and he decided it would be fun to take Kassidy along with. Jayme got to tag along to help keep Kass company!
Shaun and the girls had a blast!

the Girls saw the star for ICarly there in the line of Peter Pan! She was very kind and was taking pictures with lots of people and signing autographs!

 The girls had a blast for 3 days in disneyland and many thanks to Uncle Shaun for the trip! This will most definately be a memory to last a lifetime!

Splash Mountain!

They were filming an episode for the Modern Family. Jayme and Kass took lots of pics of the different 'takes' they were filming.

 Jayme's bag was WAY bigger than Kassidy's. haha. I guess that Jayme was prepared for all kinds of fun there in California :)

The airplane ride was a first for Jayme and Kassidy. Jayme LOVED flying! Kass had a little bit of the flying jitters!