Sunday, March 25, 2012

Part THREE...and the final post of Jayme's birthday fun~

A couple in our ward heard we were going to be in Vegas and offered us their extra Nascar tickets! They gave us 4 tickets so we decided to bring Trey and Grandpa Fox with us to the race :) Jayme and Kassidy stayed at Grandmas house and relaxed.......

Trey taking video of the cars racing

There were tons of people there.
It was fun to be part of the crowd!!
Lots and lots of campers there watching the race
on the inside of the track

Grandpa Fox, Trey, and Jay

The cars were SO loud! We wore ear plugs
and it was still loud...

Kass and I posing for a picture with our new Las Vegas shirts
My beautiful Jayme!

My handsome Trey!

Kassidy was so excited to be in the state of Arizona...even for just a few seconds as we passed through! :)

We stopped in St. George for lunch to eat at one of our favorite restaurants..."Rickshaw"!

Well, that finishes Jayme's 15th birthday weekend celebrations! We are so excited as we get ready to get Jayme's drivers permit and help her practice driving for the next year. We are looking forward to celebrating her sweet 16 birthday next year!!!!