Saturday, March 31, 2012

So, I love this....enjoy the little things in life!

And I also know that as I look back...these "little" things are always the most important moments for us too!...they become the "BIG" things in life!

Last night, our family enjoyed getting out some old home movies of the kids when they were really little.
We laughed and laughed!

Those moments we captured on video are treasures now!

It was another good reminder for me that we need to remember to slow down in our everyday lives ...and to capture and enjoy the "little" moments still!

So, just for are some pictures of our recent "little" moments that we happened to capture quick throughout the recent past!

Trey and I like to go outside
and ride scooters,
 ripsticks, and
One of Jay's many looks!!

at the church

 newest baby in the house...
and kassidy's homework assignment

getting along...worth capturing a picture of !

Jayme getting ready for the
  9th grade dance at the Junior High School

Trey loves to make silly faces :)

Hailey, Megan, and Sierra and all their friends
 made the cheer team last week!!
Jayme's reaction after driving our car for the first time!...yep, that's right...she's getting all geared up to get her driver's permit!
Day TWO of practicing driving the car around the neighborhood...doing good!
Trey and Megan holding on for dear-life in the back seat while Jayme drives us around! hee hee

got the driving permit!!!
Taking Trey out to breakfast after
his first soccer game this season
Trey kicking the ball
cousin Kassidy came to
watch Trey's first soccer game

Trey is a fast runner!

Trey is awesome!

My hubby is my best friend

It is these "little" moments in our busy life
that keep us sane and happy!
We love our family!!