Saturday, March 24, 2012

Part TWO of Jayme's birthday weekend in Vegas!!

We had so much fun for Jayme's birthday weekend...and it will take THREE posts to fit all the fun in! 

So now, sit back and enjoy post number TWO...
The rollar coaster ride was super awesome!

This Statue of Liberty was made out of jellybeans!

at the gift shop in the MGM

Jayme and Kass taking it all in on the strip

There were creepers out lose on the strip!..This guy was running around chasing people who walked past him....ahhhh!

The M&M Factory was so yummy!

We loved all there was to see there!

Las Vegas!!!!!

We saw a fun 3-D movie while at the M&M Factory

The movie was about the red M&M losing his "M" in Vegas from gambling it away.... 

....and of course we enjoyed eating M&M's for a treat during the movie (thanks Grandpa for buying those for the girls!!)

Grandpa Fox bought us some soft drinks at the Coke Factory...these soft drinks were from all around the world...some yummy and some not so yummy.... :)'s a not so yummy one! :)

Jay and Jayme

Stealing a kiss under the Vegas lights

Jayme taking a picture of Kass while Jay waits for us to cross the street,

There were girls along the streets waiting for people to take pictures with them

The water show at the Bellagio was so pretty

Caesar's Palace

Getting to the Cheese Cake Factory for dinner

sitting for a rest at the giant fish tank in Caesars Palace

watching a show at Caesar's Palace while we wait for our table at the Cheese Cake Factory for dinner.

Jayme's birthday cheese-cake! We all sang happy birthday to her and she blew out candles!

Jay and I can't believe that we have a 15 year old child! It is crazy how fast the years go by!  We were so happy to help Jayme celebrate her birthday and to do something so fun together. We love her and are so proud of her!
Stay turned for Part 3 of Jayme's birthday weekend!....