Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What???!!...JAYME TURNED 15???? !!!!

Jayme turned 15 years old!

She would LOVE to get her drivers permit!!!!

We surprised her with a before-school birthday celebration in her bedroom with presents and cake (well....cheese cake!)

I hung the sign in the says "Jayme 15th Birthday Happy" oops!

Kass gave Jayme BACON for her gift...Jayme's favorite food!


We played around with Jayme's birthday glasses from Trey :)

 Then we checked Jayme and Kass out of school early that day and took them on a birthday trip for Jayme to VEGAS!!!

Here is Kass and Jayme rockin' the rock wall at Grandma Grafs house!
Grandma Graf with Kass and Jayme
(everybody knows that all the professional pictures at Grandmas house are taken in front of the rock wall..... this is a tradition!)

Alisha is rockin' the rock wall too!

Kim and I

Trey and Tyler had so much fun playing

We arrived in Mesquite Nevada for dinner and enjoyed the Virgin River seafood buffet! 

Then it was on to BOWLING and the ARCADE....

Trey with his cousins Jackon and Rylund

Jayme trying a granny shot!

Kass trying her luck!

Me with my sweet skills....

Grandma Fox with Jay

Trey with good form!

Grandpa Fox ....he didn't really need those side bumpers!

Trey and Rylund hit the jack-pot!

Kass and Jayme picking out their prizes!

When we got to Grandma's house she had a cute birthday cake for Jayme!

Trey and Rylund were well entertained with the sunshine and sanbox...oh...and Grandpa's new DRINKING FOUNTAIN!!

Grandma got ahold of Jay with her hair cutting scissors :)

And she cut a MOP off of his head! :)
The next day we headed to LAS VEGAS!
We stopped by the outlet mall and enjoyed some fun shopping!

Grandpa Fox took us over to the world famous pawn shop!!!! We thought this was SO cool!!...."as seen on TV"!

we watch PAWN STARS on TV all the time!! It was so cool to be in the actual place!!
People were lined up outside waiting to get inside

Then we went over to the STRIP and headed for NEW YORK, NEW YORK to ride to roller coaster with the girls!!

Jayme and Kass were SO excited to be in LAS VEGAS!!!....

.....So were Bruce and Jay!!!!.... :)

check out this awesome roller coaster!  It was so much fun!

I have many many many more pics to come. Stay tunned for Jayme's 15th birthday PART TWO coming up soon!