Sunday, April 29, 2012

I love being a woman !!!

I had the opportunity to attend Women's Conference this past couple of days with Donna and Kim! Womens Conference at BYU is a favorite place for me to go relax and enjoy 2 whole days of inspirational talks and lots of fun with the girls!
we arrived early, but there were still lots
and lots of women there before us
within moments, the entire room was full!
Kim, Donna, and I loved each class we attended!

As we rushed from class to class
we found ourselves getting excercise too!
By the evening of the first day, we gathered to
do a few hours of service!
School backpacks were stuffed
with notebooks, pencils, and rulers
for Utah's children who didn't have any  other
way of obtaining these for their school

Boxes were made up by youth groups the evening before
from my ward...and also other wards from stakes in
Utah County

So excited to see eachother as we gathered to begin
this service project

My visiting teaching partner, Becky, was the one in charge of
instructing us all

My table of family and friends

As the room filled with women, the work began and
we stayed busy stuffing boxes full of backpacks
to be delivered to many different school districts around Utah

This is my friend, Kathy, who I work with at the courthouse

My friends, Shanna and Karen, from Cedar City

Here are Donna, my sister-in-law with Donnell, a friend
working hard to lift box after box throughout the night
Shanna can't wait for more backpacks!

Sharlas mom and sister were there working hard
taping up many boxes

Kim and Sharla getting boxes taped quickly

Becky and I

Sharla, my sister-in-law and my sister, Kim smiled the
whole evening. It's easy to smile when serving!

Bev and Kathy are my work friends and it was
fun to have them with me at this amazing service project at womens conference

This is Yolanda, my visiting teacher, bringing us box after box!

Look at the sweat and tears that kim's service brought!

These are friends from my ward

Sharla is proud to be a "taper" !

There were many men there loading our assembled
boxes straight on to trucks that delivered these to schools
that very night!

Women can multi-task: serve, smile, tape, and talk on the phone! Only that kind of skill can come from women that you'll find at
womens conference!

By the end of those few short hours, there were close to 35,000 backpacks assembled....toooooooo awesome!!

The General Relief Society Presidency came
to see the service that was happening! Becky posed
for a quick couple of pictures!

It was Merilyn's birthday present to be there with her
daughters at Womens Conference! Awesome!

After the service was finished, we hurried to the concert!

Some special guests that were featured during the concert

I spotted Sheri Dew in the crowd!

This women from New Zealand was spotlighted during
the concert. She told her story of her country living through
terrible earthquakes and the way that the gospel helped strenghten her and her family/friends through the tragedy this kind of devestation brought! Donna went to meet her afterward and found out that this women's husband (who is a bishop in New Zealand) is related to her sister-in-law...donna let him talk over the phone with her sister-in-law.

Here is donna with that Bishop. He is talking to Donna's
sister-in-law who is also from New Zealand. This man was
called to the office of Bishop only a few weeks before the
first of many earthquakes that happened in this past 18 months over in New Zealand

This is my 5th year going to Womens Conference. It is
always an amazing and spiritual experience. My testimony
is always strengthened by being there and feeling
the spirit and listening to the inspired talks.
I can't wait for next year!